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Penbrothers is a company specializing in providing offshore recruitment, flexible office spaces, legal services, and payroll assistance to startups and small businesses.

The company is based in the Philippines, and they have been operating since December 2014.

About Penbrothers

The company is run by Nicolas Bivero, Gui Faria, and Gabrielle Pratte. Nicolas and Gui have a wealth of experience and knowledge in global business practices and oversee the day-to-day operations.

Gabrielle is the local managing partner specializing in Filipino management and oversees all the cross-cultural experiences. It’s on her to make sure the communication between the workers in the Philippines and their international clients is running smoothly.

Their target customers are international startups and small businesses looking to cut costs by building a team based in the Philippines.

Penbrothers have several locations across Manila in the Philippines. They can help with recruiting a team, providing fully-equipped office spaces, and managing the HR and payroll for your team.

The aim is to essentially bridge that gap that international clients have when managing a team in the Philippines from afar.


Penbrothers services are broken down into three main areas as follows:

  • Recruitment – Penbrothers can handle the whole recruitment process for you and build a team of any size.
  • Letting Office Space – They have several locations in Manila and have let office spaces to more than 45 companies to date.
  • They are open 24/7, can provide parking at an additional cost, and have additional meeting rooms available via an online booking system.
  • HR and Payroll – They have a team available to handle the HR and payroll for your team using their office space. This is particularly useful for international clients as there are different taxes and processes involved when paying Filipino workers.

Alternatively, you can use any of their services individually. For example, if you need a new location for an existing team you can hire the space.

Or, maybe you now want to offshore your payroll so make some additional savings. Whatever your needs are, you can work out a plan specific to your requirements by talking to a member of their team.

Plans and Pricing

Penbrothers do not have any fixed plans as all of their services are bespoke and will be tailored you to exact needs.

You can hire as many virtual assistants as you need and pay a flat hourly rate.

To discuss which of their services you want and to get a quote you need to contact a member of their team.

Penbrothers Alternatives

For similar services targeting larger companies (and larger budgets), check out CloudStaff or TayStone BPO.

If your business is still growing and you don’t yet have the need for your own office space and dedicated team check out companies like TaskVirtual or TaskBullet.

As an all-in-one package however, Penbrothers offer a suite of services that make recruiting and managing a team in the Philippines a lot easier than outsourcing and managing the different elements through different companies.

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