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Paragon Planners is a US-based virtual assistant company. They specialize in providing scheduling and marketing services to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses.

The company has been operating since 2002. Their headquarters are based in Portland, Oregon, and their assistants work remotely across the US.

About Paragon Planners

Paragon Planners ReviewThe company is headed up by co-founder, President and CEO, Tina Gardner.

Paragon Planners refers to their team as a “driven, energized, enthusiastic team of planners and makers.”

They provide a range of virtual assistant services. Specializing in what they call “Territory Management.” This means their goal is to help their clients grow their businesses within their territories or markets.

They do this by providing virtual assistants trained in marketing, administrative tasks, event planning, and other skills needed to improve their relationships with their own clients.

How Paragon Planners Works

If you’re interested in working with Paragon Planners, the relationship starts with a consultation call.

This enables them to understand your business, determine your requirements, and work out how they can help.

With a clear understanding of the skills and experience you need from an assistant. They will assign you the best-suited assistant from their team.

From there, you can communicate directly with your assistant and bring them into your business as a remote team member.


Paragon Planners provide assistants skilled in a wide range of tasks. They do specialize in marketing, client relationships, and planning, however, so you’ll get the most out of their service in these areas.

Here’s how they categorize their services:

  • Territory Management – Territory analysis, focus lists, prospect lists, and other metrics to help you better understand your market.
  • Scheduling and Appointment Setting – One of their Schedulers will take care of all your scheduling. Such as managing your calendar, scheduling appointments, working through your call logs, and more.
  • Marketing – Their marketing approach is “The Art and Science of Using Gifts.” This might mean things like thank you cards, gifts, and other things to make a good impression with clients.
  • Event Planning and Calling – Their assistants can help you plan and run any kind of event. Such as ordering materials, booking venues, sending out invitations, post-event follow-ups, and everything else that goes into a successful event.
  • Admin/Operations Support – Their administrative assistants can handle all those day-to-day tasks taking up your time, such as bookkeeping, travel planning, inbox management, and more.
  • Virtual Assistant Services – Paragon Planners also have general virtual assistants. You can utilize them to handle any business or personal tasks that can be completed remotely.

Plans and Pricing

Paragon Planners does not provide any pricing plans or cost information upfront. They put together custom plans based on each individual client’s requirements.

Paragon Planners Alternatives

For US-based virtual assistant companies, I recommend checking out Time ETC and Boldly.

Boldly Time Etc Prialto Wishup
Customer Rating
Established 2009 2007 2009 2017
Hourly Rate $51 $24-27 ~$24 $9.99 - 35
Minimum Package $1530 for 30 hours $270 for 10 hours $1200 for 55 hours $999/month for a package of 4 hours (4 hours a day, 5 days a week)
Dedicated Assistant
Minimum VA Experience 7 years 5 years Extensive in-house training 2 years
Team Access
Rollover Hours
Free Trial 7 days
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

While they don’t specialize in scheduling and marketing services as Paragon Planners do, these skills fall under their services offered. If budget is a concern, Time ETC is well-rated and has slightly more affordable rates.

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