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MyWorkers is a virtual assistant company providing a range of virtual assistant services to businesses of all sizes across the globe.

The company has been in operation since 2014 and recently went through a rebranding in 2019. Their headquarters is located in Provo, UT, and most of their virtual assistants are based remotely in Venezuela.

About MyWorkers.co

myworkers reviewThe company is headed up by founder and CEO Cameron Kinney.

Cameron started MyWorkers to provide top quality English speaking talent at a low cost. He’s done this by putting together a team of college-educated virtual assistants based remotely in Venezuela.

MyWorkers say that native Venezuelans speak excellent English, so communication shouldn’t be an issue. They also put every applicant through an intense interview process to ensure they’re hiring only the top talent in the area.

They currently have more than 300+ virtual assistants on their team. This is a huge number, so I would expect you to be able to find the availability and skills needed to outsource your business tasks.

When asked what their area of specialization is, MyWorkers said, “We have such a wide variety of clients and needs that I wouldn’t say we specialize in any specific area. We’re definitely generalists.”

How MyWorkers Works

If you’re interested in working with MyWorkers you can send them an email to get started.

A member of their team will get back to you to arrange a video call to discuss your requirements and find out more about you and your business.

They’ll then send you profiles of a few of their candidates they think are best suited for your requirements.

You can either choose the candidate you think is the best fit, or leave it in their hands. Once a decision has been made, you can start working with your assistant right away.

MyWorkers Services

MyWorkers’ assistants are able to take on just about any business tasks that can be completed remotely.

To give you an idea of the kinds of tasks they expect, they group their services into the following categories:

  • Social media management
  • Data Entry
  • Online research
  • eCommerce support
  • Customer support
  • Sales
  • Personal assistance
  • WordPress and web development

MyWorkers Plans and Pricing

MyWorkers charges a simple flat rate of $7.95 per hour, for as few or as many hours as you’d like.

They say there are no minimum requirements, no contracts, and no hidden fees. You just pay for the hours your assistant works for you.

They offer a 3-hour free trial, so you can test their services before committing.

MyWorkers Alternatives

If you like the idea of working with South American-based assistants, Uassist.me and iWorker are two companies worth considering. iWorker is the least expensive of the three if budget is your main priority.

You can also get similar rates by looking overseas. There’s no shortage of options if you’re comfortable working with a virtual assistant company in the Philippines.

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    • 55555

    Fantastic VA service. I’ve been using myworkers for almost 2 years for data entry, social media management, and sales calls. All 4 of my VAs are very smart and speak great english. 10/10 would recommend.

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