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Mr. Outsource is a professional virtual assistant company. The company is headed up by Erlend Bakke, and all of their VA’s are based in the Philippines. They have been in business since 2008, and provide virtual assistant solutions to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Their business model is straightforward. You can hire one or more of their full-time virtual assistants to help with your business needs. They have VAs qualified in different areas of business, such as customer service, handling social media accounts, real estate virtual assistants, eCommerce specialists and more.

About Mr. Outsource

mr outsource reviewThe company directive is to free up business owners’ time by handling some of their workload, allowing them to focus on the more important aspects of their business. They are strategically based in the Philippines to allow them to outsource their tasks at a price much more affordable than other places in the world.

The company founder Erlend Bakke formed the company after he started outsourcing his own workload to the Philippines. He not only saw his own business start to grow quicker, but realized the potential to help other business owners using his experience.

Erlend Bakke is a bestselling author with his book called Never Work Again, and has a number of year experience with outsourcing, particularly in the Philippines.

never work again

The company currently offers a free 30 minute business consultation with no strings attached. You can use this as an opportunity to see if their services meet your requirements before committing to a price plan.

Mr. Outsource Intro Video


The company provides dedicated virtual assistants, as well as offering a “Dream Team.” When choosing a payment plan you have the option to choose a VA with either a specific skillset, or a general VA to help with a wide range of miscellaneous tasks.

When hiring one of their full-time VAs you go through a short and simple process. You choose any particular skillset required and purchase a plan, then you are contacted by a team manager to discuss you needs. The team manager then assigns the ideal VA, sets up an orientation session, and the work begins.

Dream Team Service

If you purchase the Dream Team service you get access to a team of VAs. You pick a monthly plan and you’re assigned an account manager. You explain all of the tasks you want completed and how you want these tasks carried out. Your account manager’s role is to assign all of the tasks to VAs with the necessary skill sets, then provide you with ongoing feedback as the work is completed.

The Dream Team of VAs include the following services:

  • General VA
  • Audio/video editing
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • InfusionSoft specialist
  • SEO specialist

I can see this service proving particularly useful for new businesses with a lot of set-up tasks.

Plans and Pricing

Mr. Outsource have several plans to choose from. If you’re interested in their Full Time VA Services their plans start at $995 a month. For this price you get to choose between a General VA or Customer Service VA.

Their $1,295 plan offers the services of a Graphic VA or Bookkeeping VA. While, their top plan comes in at $1,495 and offers the services of either a Real Estate Specialist, an Amazon Specialist, or an eCommerce Specialist VA.

mr outsource pricing

If you want to hire their ‘Dream Team’ plans start at $1,000 a month with a 500 credit. With $1,500 and $2,000 plans coming with 900 and 1,200 credits respectively.

How it works is you use your bank of credits to pay for the services you need from the various team members on-demand. As you might expect, certain skill sets cost more credits per hour than others.

mr outsource dream team pricing

At the $1000 level, credits are $2 each. If a General VA costs 9 credits per hour, you’re essentially paying $18 an hour, which seems awfully high for a Filipino VA compared with what you might pay elsewhere. (This system is pretty confusing — can someone double-check my math?)

If you utilize the Dream Team SEO specialist at 24 credits an hour, you’re looking at $48 an hour. Pretty steep, right?

The Dream Team affords some flexibility but that comes at a cost.

Mr. Outsource Alternatives

There are no shortage of virtual assistant companies offering VA services from the Philippines. As far as alternatives that offer similar services to Mr. Outsource the top picks are OnlineJobs.ph, TaskBullet, and VA Staffer.

One of the areas that separates Mr. Outsource from these other companies is their Dream Team. It’s an interesting concept hiring a complete team of VAs to handle a large and varied workload. I’m interested to hear from anyone who have used this service and how it worked out for them.

If you have used their Dream Team services, or their VA service, please leave any feedback you have below to help others with their decision.

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