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LogoBee is a company specializing in custom logo design services, as well as offering web, stationery and graphic design services.

Their head office is located in Montreal, Canada. They also have another office located in Los Angeles. All their staff work in-house, they have no remote, freelance, or overseas staff.

About LogoBee

logobee reviewLogoBee was founded in 2000. They are coming up to 16 years in business, and have grown rapidly in this time. They have accumulated several well respected rewards for logo design, with their crowning achievement being the top honors at the Summit Creative Awards and American Design Awards.

The company was founded and is currently headed up by two professional logo designers with a wealth of experience in the field under their belts – Natalia Stoenko and Pavel Rokhmanko. By their own account, most of LogoBee’s customers are smaller companies and start-ups.

LogoBee ia proud to report they have a very high satisfaction rate among their clients, and tell me that a large portion of their business is from repeat custom or referrals from clients. With recommendations and repeat business being so powerful for a growing business, it’s reassuring to hear this is the case with LogoBee.

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LogoBee’s employees work closely with clients to either achieve the concept put forth by the client, or to help them design a logo that perfectly meets their needs. Having the right logo is incredibly important in today’s market. Being able to have your brand instantly recognisable, as well as representing your business well, can set your business apart from the competition.

They offer a range of free logo templates for clients working to a tight budget. This gives the client an opportunity to chose a professionally designed logo at no cost, with the option to take that design and have LogoBee customize it for as little as $90.

At the other end of the spectrum, LogoBee offer a completely bespoke service working closely with a client and making as many revisions as necessary to get the perfect logo design.

Plans and Pricing

As mentioned in the services, there are some logo templates that are completely free to use. Custom logo design starts at $249, with this package the client gets 6 initial concepts returned in 5 business days, and 6 additional revisions to tweak the design.

logobee pricing

There are larger packages available at $379, $449 and $549. These packages offer 8 initial concepts and unlimited revisions along with some additional services. There are similar 4-tier packages available for their stationery, graphic design and web design services. If you have any specific needs I recommend contacting LogoBee direct to discuss your options.

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LogoBee Alternatives

Two of the largest companies when it comes to logo design are probably 99designs and Deluxe. Deluxe offers a similar scope of logo design services at similar price points, and 99designs follows the crowdsourcing model, where several freelance designers put forward their work for clients to choose from. 

LogoBee has a more ‘traditional’ business model which they feel separates them from the crowdsourcing and freelance models. They told me that having a permanent team of employees specializing in logo design means the client receives a more consistent and higher quality level of work.

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