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Life of Automation is a virtual assistant company providing dedicated virtual assistants to companies of all sizes across the globe.

The company is based in California, the U.S., and their virtual assistants work remotely from all over the world.

About Life of Automation

LifeofAutomation ReviewsThe company started operations in March 2019 and is headed up by founder and president Nick Medz.

Although headquartered in the U.S., Life of Automation uses virtual assistants around the world, including the Philippines. This enables them to offer competitive pricing as most of their assistants are in countries with a lower average wage than the U.S.

When you sign up, you’re assigned an account manager and a dedicated full-time assistant. They say their assistants are experienced handling any business tasks that can be completed remotely.

When I asked what sets them apart from their competitors, my contact told me, “Life of Automation prides itself as the only automation business catering to all types of business and industry.”

How Life of Automation Works

If you’re interested in working with Life of Automation, you can get started by contacting them to book a meeting with one of their account managers.

From there, there are 4 steps involved in their onboarding process:

1. Complete a Questionnaire

Their account manager will give you a questionnaire to fill out. This helps them better understand your business and what you require from one of their virtual assistants.

2. Meeting To Discuss Your Details

After reviewing your questionnaire, your account manager will contact you to discuss your answers.

3. Selecting a Virtual Assistant

With all the information from the questionnaire and your meeting, Life of Automation will have enough information to find the best-suited VA from their pool of talent.

4. Start Working With Your New VA

You’ll be introduced to your new VA and you can start communicating directly with them from this point onward. You’ll also have a point of contact 24/7 should you run into any problems.

Life of Automation Services

Life of Automation says their assistants are trained in a wide range of business skills and are able to complete any remote tasks.

To give you a better idea of the areas they specialize in, they group some of their services as follows:

  • Automation – Helping you automate processes and create better systems.
  • Administration – General admin duties; booking travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, taking calls, etc.
  • Marketing – Managing social media, creating marketing campaigns, performing outreach.
  • Sales – Creating sales funnels, cold calling, writing sales copy.
  • Copywriting – Writing blog content, email copy, sales letters, social media posts.
  • Web/Graphic Design – Creating logos, branding, blog images, website design tweaks.

Life of Automation Plans and Pricing

Life of Automation currently has 4 different pricing plans. Each plan gives you access to a full-time dedicated assistant for a month, with the pricing set to reflect the skills and experience of the VA.

The main package they market is called Singularity Assistant, which includes:

  • one Administrative Assistant
  • one account manager
  • access to all of Life of Automation’s services for a single monthly price of $750 / month.

Other plans available at the time of publishing are:

  • Administrative Assistant – $750/mo
  • Executive Assistant – $1,500/mo
  • Specialized Assistant – $2,500/mo

LifeofAutomation Pricing

The main difference between the Specialized Assistant and their other plans is that a Specialized Assistant has one core skill they specialize in.

If you’re looking to fulfill a specific role within your business while having a VA to help with other tasks – this might be the plan for you.

Life of Automation says they have assistants skilled in a wide range of skills. I recommend contacting them to see what VAs they have available.

Life of Automation Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternative companies offering similar services and rates, I recommend checking out VA companies based in the Philippines.

OnlineJobs.ph and FreeUp are a couple well-rated options, with OnlineJobs.ph being more focused on full-time assistants.

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