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UPDATE: Kitedish is still active on Upwork, but as of 2020, their standalone website is gone.

Kitedish is a WordPress support company providing support to clients who need help operating their WordPress sites.

The company was formed in 2014 by a team of WordPress developers. They initially offered support through the Upwork platform, but empowered by the growth of the WP platform and of companies like WP Curve, they set out to build their own service and standalone brand.

About Kitedish

kitedish reviewThe co-founders of the company and are Christian S. as CEO, Benj B. as COO, and Jules Moleta as Executive Assistant.

(Mysteriously, Jules is the only one with a surname.)

Kitedish has grown to employ 28 full-time WordPress developers located all round the globe, at such locations as South Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe, the Philippines and Australia.


The company’s directive is straightforward: they provide on-demand support and fixes for WordPress sites. They give their clients peace of mind that their sites are backed up regularly, the security is tight, and everything is running smoothly.

By hiring the services of Kitedish you have access to world-class WordPress developers. Knowing their site is being taken care of gives business owners more time to focus on what’s important to keep their business growing.

Even seemingly small tasks can be time consuming to fix if you’re not experienced with WordPress; I’ve learned this first-hand! In addition to their maintenance and security functions, Kitedish provides a subscription service to cover any requested change or tweak to your site, no matter how big or small. Signing up to a monthly plan means you have someone on-hand at all times to fix any issues.

Kitedish has exclusive information and content for clients. This covers a range of WordPress topics, as well as tips on increasing traffic and conversion rates.

When asked about their areas of specialization, Kitedish simply say that anything WordPress is where they specialize. Whether it’s a Woocommerce site, a large membership site, or just a blog, if your site runs on WordPress, they can help. 

Plans and Pricing

Kitedish currently has four monthly membership plans:

  • $24 for the Basic plan
  • $69 for the Starter plan
  • $95 for the Standard plan
  • $199 for the Pro plan

All their plans offer proactive WordPress upgrades, theme upgrades, plugin upgrades, detailed notes for every task, secure daily off-site backups, 24 hour email and chat support, and a monthly security scan.

kitedish pricing

The major difference between the plans are the amount of credits. Each credit is equal to half hour of work. The plans come with 16, 24 and 56 credits for the Basic, Starter and Standard plans respectively.

That means for the starter plan, you can submit task requests for up to 8 hours worth of work in exchange for your $69 subscription. Pretty cheap for competent technical help!

Your unused credits carryover each month, and if you find yourself with too many credits you can pause your subscription at any time. This makes for a flexible system that works to the advantage of the clients when monitored.

The Basic plan works as a pay-as-you-go scheme. You purchase credits at a $6 per hour rate as and when you need them. That rate almost seems too-good-to-be-true for qualified technical website support, even at cheap overseas labor rates, right?

Kitedish is currently offering your first month at only $0.99.

Kitedish Alternatives

The most prominent Kitedish competitor is Zen WP, which offers “unlimited” WordPress support and small jobs for $79 per month. However, they also have a 3-month minimum and no equivalent to the “Basic” plan where you can buy credits on-demand. 

For one-off WordPress jobs I normally head to Upwork or, more recently, Codeable.

Your Turn

Have you worked with Kitedish? If so, please leave a review of your experience below to help others with their decision.

6 Reviews

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    they are not working any more. They did not even enform their current customer that they stopped operations.

    1. We are still in operations and serving more customers than ever.

      Michele, you messaged our facebook page and sent us numerous emails when you don’t check if you have an active account or not like we said on several occasions. We don’t want to work with people who seem to take advantage of our pause/resume system deliberately on several instances. I think you know what we mean. If you can’t afford the service take the high road, go to youtube, learn to maintain your site on your own and stop spreading lies.

      The kind of business your website is in reflects how you take advantage of the fault in an honest system. If you want me to elaborate feel free to reply to this message.

      We are just ticked off by your attitude acting like a hurt little boy who don’t know better and spread misleading comments and in turn affect the living of hard working people at Kitedish.

      Admin, we respectfully ask you to remove the disclaimer above that we don’t operate anymore otherwise just remove us from your site. Thank you.

      -Benj @ Kitedish

      1. Benj, I sent you a note on May 31st (replying to our previous thread) but didn’t hear back so I added the disclaimer at the top of the page a couple weeks later. Happy to hear you’re alive and kicking, and will remove it now.

        1. Hi Nick,

          Thanks for that. We are a bit snowed down when you’re email came in and I forgot to reply after the workload eased up days after.

          If you’re still interested in moving forward with the trial offer just send us a message on our contact page.

          All the best,

    • 55555
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    We have been with a couple of WordPress support services before and had to leave for one reason or another. We’ve settled with Kitedish after that and use the service until today.

    Would recommend this service to anyone and actually already did to some of my friends.

    If you need such a service go for it. Worth every penny.

    • 44444
    • 44444
    • 55555
    • 55555

    This is by far the most responsive WP fixer I have come across. I have responses within 20 minutes, and their team of advisers seem professional, calm and efficient. I am only a few weeks in, but so far the value proposition is compelling – I have only paid for the fixes I need, at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended. Danny

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