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How a Real Estate VA can grow your Business While Saving You Time & Money

Many choose a career in the real estate business because they enjoy the adrenaline of closing deals, persuading owners to list their buildings with them, or assisting clients to invest in real estate. However, this demands a significant amount of legal documentation, accounting work, cold calling, deal coordinating, and social media marketing. While these are very necessary for operating a business, except for closing a deal, none of the others yield any revenue.  Recruiting multiple staff to work on these tasks might be pricey due to employee wages, payroll taxes, insurance, and paid holidays. If you own a real estate business, this is the perfect time to look into outsourcing real estate virtual assistant services.

Having a real estate virtual assistant will improve brand awareness, save you time and money, and benefit your clients and your company. There are many advantages to outsourcing certain services to Virtual Assistant Assistant or other such businesses, including cost savings and consistency in workflow. Before discussing these advantages, let us look in detail at what a real estate virtual assistant means and the tasks that can be outsourced to such services.

What Is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

A real estate virtual assistant is a virtual professional that may assist you in operating your real-estate company by providing specialized services. By delegating tasks to a virtual assistant, you can concentrate on growing your business and achieving your targets. 

Real estate virtual assistants are capable of handling a variety of responsibilities, including making sales calls, managing social media accounts, listing products on third-party platforms, administering advertising and promotional activities, bookkeeping, and office administration. Virtual Assistant Assistant is a one-stop platform to meet all your requirements. With major companies like ClearDesk, Remote CoWorker, MyTasker, Time Etc, and Belay, you can read reviews on this site to find the right fit!

The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your Real Estate Firm

  • Get Daily Chores Up-to-date

Since real estate agents are always on the road, it can be difficult to keep up with daily chores such as e-mail monitoring, calendar management, and sales calls. With the help of a real estate virtual assistant, you can complete all your tasks at an affordable price.

  • Reduce Hiring Expenses

Hiring an employee can mean expenses like social security benefits, payroll taxes, medical insurance, and compensation. With a real estate virtual assistant, you have a full-time individual helping you operate your business without such costs. Since you are hiring a well-trained virtual professional, you will not need to spend your time training these virtual assistants. Additionally, there are no sick leaves, overtime expenses, or paid vacations to worry about. Furthermore, you don’t need a physical office, laptops, or other supplies with remote assistance.

  • Updated Technology

A CRM to track leads and manage pipelines, social media tools to publish newsletters or stay in touch with clients, and mobile web platforms to maintain your listings and database are critical in the real estate business. You will require an expert who is proficient on various platforms and has technical expertise. A trained virtual assistant is a wise investment and will spare you a lot of hassle.

  • Hiring During Peak Season

When there is a sudden increase in workload, it is challenging to hire staff at immediate notice. At the same time, during the low season, when you can manage the business on your own, paying staff may be a burden. Since you will be paying your virtual assistant on an hourly basis the majority of the time, it is efficient and easy to hire such services on demand.

  • Work Quality

Real estate virtual assistants are subject matter professionals. You get the best work at an affordable price to maintain online listings, lead generation via sales calls, web content, financial forecast, social media management, market analysis, and CRM software administration.

Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do for Your Real Estate Firm

1. Data Entry

If your schedule is hectic, you may not have time to update valuable information like your client’s name and contact information to keep it relevant. Though simple, this takes a lot of time and is crucial for your business. With a virtual assistant, you can outsource basic data entry and keep them professionally structured.

2. Accounting

Keeping track of your expenditures and revenue is critical for any business to assess its financial performance and make well-informed business decisions. A real estate virtual assistant will provide you with direct access to all financial information and help you decide what needs to be altered to make your business a success.

3. Cold Calling

Cold calling requires significant conversational skills even though it is a monotonous task. This is one of the most effective real estate marketing techniques for attracting prospective clients. Give your real estate virtual assistant a list of phone numbers of potential customers to get ready to close more deals.

4. Spreadsheets and Presentations

While spreadsheets can help you keep track of client information and other document details, presentations can showcase a property’s amenities to entice a client to become a buyer. These tasks can be exceedingly time-consuming. The majority of the virtual assistants are proficient in creating spreadsheets and presentations. Use it to your advantage to close more deals.

5. Daily Tasks

Virtual assistants can help you spend more time growing your business rather than wasting it on daily tasks, such as scheduling meetings, updating your work calendars, and answering emails. The majority of virtual assistants have strong communication and language skills which will enable them to complete their tasks swiftly while you increase your earnings.

6. Online Marketing

Your virtual assistant can assist you with managing social media accounts, website content, blogs, e-mail newsletters, infographics, and online ads. Since managing an online marketing campaign is not a simple task, clearing these obligations off your schedule will help your company move along more efficiently.

7. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In a competitive market, it is important to constantly remind your customers of your presence. Simple birthday or anniversary greetings, or follow-ups on the house you sold them can boost referrals and generate a lot of business.

While doing these things manually can be difficult, you should get a CRM tool and hire a virtual assistant to help you input all the data into the platform. Using information from the CRM platform, it will send emails to your clients on special occasions.

8. Research

Undoubtedly, one of the most crucial tasks in the real estate sector is research. But doing this can take a lot of time. You will need to examine data like migration rates, mortgage rates, developments, and other real estate factors for your client.

The ideal real estate virtual assistant will conduct in-depth research on your behalf and provide you with a report that has all the essential documentation, such as identifying a property in a particular location, recognizing building owners and their deed type, and authenticating property establishments.


A 99firms analysis revealed that 67% of business owners employed at least one virtual assistant in 2021. Your real estate business should be all about stability and progress. To succeed in your business, be sure to hire a real estate virtual assistant so that you can concentrate on more important tasks.  Hiring a virtual assistant might just be the very solution you need to enable your business to thrive.





Author: Alex Shvarts is the CEO of FundKite, one of the fastest-growing FinTech companies in New York that provide funding to small businesses across the U.S. Founded in 2015, Alex’s business utilizes a boutique funding style, offering business owners a flexible variety of products and services that can be tailored to fit their individual financial situations. Prior to founding FundKite, Alex engineered and sold proprietary technology to the greater FinTech industry.

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