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HireMyMom.com is an online employment outsourcing service that specializes in working-from-home moms.

The company was founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Lesley Spencer Pyle, a mother who had formerly worked in public relations and as a desktop publisher.

About Hire My Mom

hire my mom reviewPyle discovered an untapped workforce – women who were motivated to earn extra money working from home, but who didn’t necessarily want to go into business for themselves.

In addition, the hiring companies are able to get the help they need without the expense and hassle of bringing on a full-time, in-house employee. It can be a good place to find a reliable virtual assistant.

If you have work you need done, you can list it on HireMyMom.com by selecting one of the 3 job posting package options starting at $24.99.

The price you’ll pay will vary based on the nature of the work and the experience level of the mom you hire, but generally ranges from $10 to $35 an hour.

($10 an hour is the price floor on the platform — no $3 an hour VAs here!)

HireMyMom Founder Interview

I had the chance to sit down with Lesley to learn more about how it all works.

HireMyMom Services

HireMyMom aims to connect businesses that need help in the areas of:

On the “worker” side, the site caters to qualified moms in search of work-from-home jobs.

Plans and Pricing

For Employers

For employers, Hire My Mom charges a nominal fee ($24.99-$39) to post a job to their audience:

hiremymom pricing

If you want to enlist the help of an HR professional in your hiring, you might try the Small Business VIP Concierge package.

In this $499 plan, a HireMyMom HR pro helps you:

  • draft a professional job post
  • review all the resumes and cover letters
  • schedule and conduct preliminary interviews on your behalf
  • select top candidates with written summaries and recorded interviews

For Work From Home Moms

Moms with experience in a marketable field can create a profile and access the job listings.

HireMyMom has 3 membership options for moms:

  1. $9.99 for a one week trial
  2. $29.99 for 3-month service
  3. $99 for 6 month Platinum membership including being a Featured Candidate on the home page.

The initial fee is non-refundable but your subscription can be deactivated at any time.

The downside of HireMyMom is that unlike Upwork, they don’t offer any escrow protection or dispute resolution for employers (or moms) if things go wrong. All negotiations and payments take place “off-site”, which means you’re on your own when it comes to collecting whatever amount is due.

On the other hand, HireMyMom doesn’t take a cut of the contract price like other outsourcing sites, so moms can keep whatever they earn.  This should drive prices down for everyone since there are no additional fees that have to be “baked into” the price.

Hire My Mom Alternatives

The company offers an interesting alternative to the huge freelance outsourcing sites like Upwork. I think a lot of companies will take comfort in knowing they are helping a busy mom, in North America, make ends meet.

And if the quality of work and customer service is good, the one-time job could translate into an ongoing relationship.

Depending on your needs, you might also check out FreeeUp and Time Etc for pre-vetted work-from-home talent.

Your Turn

If you have any experience working with HireMyMom.com either as an employer or an employee, please share it here.

14 Reviews

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    I could not be more thankful that I found hiremymom.com . After a particularly difficult season of life, I stumbled on this site and it changed everything for me. It was incredibly easy to set up my account as well as search and apply for jobs. I’ve already found one job from HireMyMom and I will continue to use it! I highly recommend this site!

    1. We are so happy to hear that Heather! We love helping moms find great remote work while also helping small businesses hire wonderful virtual talent! We sincerely appreciate your kind words!

  1. I have been trying to deactivate my account since the day it was opened..but they continually deduct $29.95 from my PayPal account every 3 months. I’ve sent emails both to hire my mom & to PayPal. They just took another $29.95 out this am. I’m 71 years old & DO NOT NEED OR USE THEIR SERVICES…….

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Our apologies that we do not have any correspondence in our files requesting a cancellation or we would have gladly done this for you at that time. Also PayPal allows customers to cancel their own subscriptions through their website as well. We have taken care of this for you as well as refunded the renewal that processed. You should see the $29.95 back in your account as well as an email from PayPal showing your subscription has been canceled. Once again our sincere apologies.

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    Love this site. I feel comfortable applying for jobs because I know they have been vetted first. I advise others to use it when looking for freelance work as well.

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    HireMyMom is a Godsend for me and my family! I found them back in 2011 and have used them ever since. As of right now, my very first client from HMM I still do work for and she’s amazing. We have become close friends ever since. I’m in my second year with another amazing client. I will always use HireMyMom for searching for WAHM jobs. They are the best!!

    1. Hi Lindsey! Thank you so much! We love hearing success stories like yours! So happy for you that you’ve had a client you found on HMM for so long. We love knowing we are helping moms find great work at home jobs while helping small businesses hire talented virtual professionals like you!

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    While this site does seem to post legitimate job offers that are adaptable for work from home mothers… you are lucky if you ACTUALLY get to apply for them. The site has numerous glitches, the service is TERRIBLE and the once you cancel, even if it’s just mere days into your membership – they take your money and run. They never answer the office phones, so technical problems can only be submitted by their email and it takes them DAYS to respond. They also do things like changing your membership without permission, which of course, costs you money. The site also advertises that it is a boutique for those who want to work from home – but many of the positions require travel and for you to be in the office at their location and still consider you a 1099 contract employee (which means you are taxed both as self-employed and then on income taxes – thus reducing your pay). You are better off spending your time, your money and your hope for working from home on other sites and freelance work. HireMyMom.com is nothing but a bait and switch to get your money!!

    1. Hi Kelly,
      I am sorry about the issues you had with your account, for your frustration and that we could not correct the issue with your resume prior to the job(s) you were interested in closing. As we mentioned in our email, we recently redeveloped our site to a new platform and in migrating 12 years of data (over 1 million files), we have had some migration and technical glitches that we are working through.

      We respond promptly to all emails and voicemails either the same day or the next day and if you contacted us prior to the email we responded to, your original call(s) or email(s) did not get to us. Were you sending them through the “Contact Us” page? We did return your call but your voicemail was full which you apologized for in your return email to us. I’m sorry you found our service to be “terrible” but I can promise you it was not because we don’t respond or care, it’s because we had not received anything from you prior to the message we did respond to.

      You requested a partial refund since you had some technical issues with your resume and my assistant refunded your payment fully for the period you had used so that it would not cost you anything for the time that you had problems with your account. We have not taken any of your money. I’m not sure what you mean by that or that we somehow are “bait and switch”. I am a Christian and I do my best to operate my business with honesty and integrity.

      As I mentioned in my email to you, we would be happy to give you a complimentary membership to come back and try the service afresh.

      As for the positions requiring travel, the majority of jobs on HireMyMom are 100% remote but there are some job posted by businesses who are looking for someone local to have occasional meetings. We require jobs to be at least 50% home based to be posted on our site. You can review some of the recent job postings here: http://www.hiremymom.com/new-jobs and see that most are 100% remote.

      We really do strive to have a great service for moms and small businesses to connect and create long-term virtual working relationships. We’re not perfect and obviously our website is not with some of the technical glitches we’ve had with this migration. It’s true you can’t please everyone, but we certainly try. And we are very grateful that we have lots of happy members who have found great candidates and great jobs. You can see many great reviews on SiteJabber and also on our website from happy Job Seekers and Employers.

      Once again our apologies for the technical issues you experienced and for the frustration. Let us know if we can set you up a complimentary account.

      With apologies,
      Lesley Pyle,
      HireMyMom Founder / Owner

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    HireMyMom is an amazing site that helped me to obtain and maintain work from home employment for the past 4+ years. I was happy to stumble upon the site when looking for home based employment, especially after trying some others that didn’t lead anywhere. They were too vague and usually didn’t feature any jobs that were in my skill set. The jobs on HireMyMom have always been legitimate, as well as varied in industry. After just a few weeks of applying, I secured a part-time job that has turned into over 30 hours a week, along with some freelance positions. The site truly allowed me to pursue a lifestyle I really wanted, as well as letting me move cross country without worrying about losing my income. The site is also easy to use and very functional. I’m extremely happy with HireMyMom and I’m so glad I found it!

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    • 55555

    Hire My Mom is a fantastic website to use if you are a stay at home mom looking for a little work! I was so excited to stumble upon this service and initially thought I would be happy with one part time job. After 7 months of being a member , I now have 4 part time jobs that I love! I have such a variety in my day, from customer service to quality control, to social media, and most importantly the ability to stay at home with my son and watch him grow! Highly recommend!!

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    I am HAPPY my subscription is coming to an end. The clients are nasty and do not respect your time at all!! If you decide to join this site be sure to have your own contract in place before starting any work. Also,Unless if you want potential clients to call you out the blue do not put your real number. I had one potential client call me an hour before our scheduled time! Another potential client wanted me to provide her with a day’s work of samples;wtf??? This was a horrible experience.
    was a horrible experience.

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    I have been working with this company for the past 2+ years. I am unemployed and this is my only source of income. Recently I had the misfortune to work with 2 clients that were unprofessional, non-communicative and extremely nasty. Without any notice at all hiremymom cut me off from the site. It took numerous calls and emails to get a rude response telling me she got 2 complaints. I send justification documents as well as testimonials to back up my case. Since then I have tried reaching Leslie continuously and she refuses to respond. I was proven guilty and cut off without even a chance to explain the true situation. I have paid $99 to join for the second time and asked for a refund, but she is unresponsive. People searching for workers do not have to pay a dime. I intend to seek legal action. Horrible business practice.

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