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HelpSquad is a 24/7 live chat support service. They provide fully-trained live chat agents to businesses of all sizes and will actively work to increase your website conversions and generate leads.

HelpSquad is a cost-effective solution to hiring additional staff, and your customers will love having their live chats, Facebook messages, and SMS text messages answered around the clock. 

About HelpSquad

The company is headed up by founder Michael Kansky and started operations in 2015.

HelpSquad can be “up to 50x cheaper than hiring a full-time employee,” and having someone available to answer your customers’ questions 24/7 can be the difference between making a sale or not. 

How HelpSquad Works

HelpSquad is able to offer this cost-effective service because their agents have the ability to serve several clients simultaneously. Though they are available 24/7, you only pay for the number of unique chats or customer engagements they handle.

All of their agents have been put through a rigorous training program and are experienced in using a wide range of chat software and programs. Your “squad” will take the time to understand the fundamentals of your business and serve your customers as if they are an extension of your brand. 

HelpSquad Services

When you sign up for one of HelpSquad’s plans a member of their team will reach out to you to go through their 4-step onboarding process:

  1. HelpSquad’s team will start by collecting your fundamental business information and gathering your customers’ most frequently asked questions along with how you would like them answered. 
  2. Your assigned HelpSquad coach will review your provided FAQs and work with you to develop quick, accurate responses the agents can use to respond to your customers while in chat. Agents will strictly use these responses as their resources and to build a “knowledge base” specific to your brand.
  3. HelpSquad will then provide you with a javascript code that can easily be installed in the header or footer of your website’s code. 
  4. Once the code has been installed on your website, notify your HelpSquad account manager. Then, their team will run a test to ensure the chat functionality is working properly. Upon confirmation, your free 14-day trial begins!

Their agents will then be available 24/7 to man your live chat, text/SMS, and Facebook messaging. 

HelpSquad Plans and Pricing

HelpSquad’s plans are based on how many unique chats you anticipate needing in a month period. Their plans start at $185 for 50 chats per month and go up to $600 for 200 chats per month.

A complete list of their plans is as follows:

  • Jump Start – $185 per month, 50 unique chats/engagements
  • Business Plan– $350 per month, 100 unique chats/engagements
  • Advanced – $600 per month, 200 unique chats/engagements

If you want more than 200 unique chats per month or need your own dedicated agent, you can contact a member of HelpSquad’s team for a custom quote. Dedicated agents undergo additional training on your internal processes, databases, and ordering protocols as well as receive direct access to customer details so they can better assist in chat. Your dedicated agent will manage your account exclusively just as an internal hired employee would but for half the price!

HelpSquad offers a 14-day free trial with ALL plans, so you can give HelpSquad a try and get a feel for their service before committing to a long-term plan.

HelpSquad Alternatives

The closest alternatives I’ve found to HelpSquad would be virtual receptionist services like Ruby Receptionists (for phone support; not live chat), but you could also hire a freelance customer support agent.

The drawback to that is natural limits to their availability, where HelpSquad’s team approach makes sure you always have coverage.

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