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UPDATE: It appears Genie Desk is out of business. Please consider one of these alternatives.

Genie Desk is Kolkata, India based virtual assistant company. The company was founded in 2012 and began sourcing clients through a variety of the freelance work platforms.

The management team brings years of experience in management consulting and business process outsourcing to Genie Desk.

genie desk reviewTheir VAs were largely recruited from other Fortune 500 BPO centers in India, meaning they have previous experience in working with international clients. Genie Desk aims their service at busy individuals, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

What do they do?

Genie Desk virtual assistants can handle a variety of personal and business outsourcing tasks. You’ll find they perform everything from remote administrative duties all the way up to more technically skilled work like web development.

Common tasks include bookkeeping roles, document creation and editing, transcription, online research, and even serving as your virtual receptionist.

The VAs (the “genies”) work from a modern office that’s open 24/7, and use a team-based approach as needed to deliver the best client results. Depending on the nature of your task, you can use your assigned dedicated genie or allow any of the available VAs to handle it.

For ongoing processes you outsource, an on-site Six Sigma certified manager helps document them and oversee their execution.

Genie Desk doesn’t charge by tasks; only by the actual time used. That means you don’t have to worry about chunking up big projects into 15-minute increments.

Plans and Pricing

Genie Desk has 3 main plans:

  1. Pay As You Go — Billed at a rate of $15.95 per hour, with a 10 hour minimum you can use over the course of 3 months. Once your time is depleted, just add more. No contracts or commitments.
  2. Plan 10 — 10 hours of support per month for $129.50. ($12.95 / hour)
  3. Plan 20 — 20 hours of support per month for $219. ($10.95 / hour)

The company offers a 3-hour free trial so you can test out their service, and will also quote custom plans if you have something in mind that doesn’t quite fit into one of the plans above.

An online dashboard allows you to track your usage throughout the month and plan accordingly so you maximize your return on investment.

These rates are competitive with the industry, if not slightly higher than what you’ll find at My Tasker or 24/7 Virtual Assistant.

What sets them apart?

When I spoke with John, their General Manager, he seemed quite aware of the high-flying promises made by Genie Desk’s competitors. What sets them apart, he explains, is:

  • Reliability, transparency, and accountability.
  • Not having VAs saying, “Yes I understand” and then wasting hours of your time when they really meant, “No, I need clarification.”
  • Industry-leading quality assurance standards.

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