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This week I discovered a couple embarrassing bugs on two of my websites.

In the first case, the sidebar was mysteriously not showing up on certain pages.

Ugh, how long has it been like that!?

In the second case, the pagination was messed up. When you would click on “Older posts”, the URL would advance to “page-2” but the content would be the exact same as page 1!

Ugh, how long has it been like that!?

Now in the past, I’ve recommended a service called for small website fixes like this. But they’ve been getting hammered in the reviews lately and apparently are re-branding into an entirely new company —

So I thought I’d try a different angle:


(One of my favorite places to start for any outsourcing project.)

I searched for “wordpress fix” and sorted by “high rating.”

I found a couple sellers with excellent feedback to test out:

  1. wordpress_seo
  2. tremonty89

I was impressed!

Literally within minutes, my sidebar problem was fixed, and a few hours later, my pagination error was gone too.

Total cost: $10. (vs. what would have been a $78 minimum over at the-website-formerly-known-as Tweaky).

My new recommendation?

Check Fiverr first.

Have you had any success (or other experiences) w/ Fiverr? If so, please be sure to stop by the Fiverr page at and drop in a quick review!

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  1. Hi,

    I too have used tremonty89/Mark to do WordPress work. Great work and responsive.
    Caution a few over Fiverr gigs have not worked out well for me. Logo design was a complete bust, c’est la vie.


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