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Don’t Panic Management was founded in 2011 with a simple goal in mind: to help busy entrepreneurs, creatives, authors, and thought leaders get back to the work that brings them joy and purpose. Don’t Panic’s team of US-based virtual assistants provides support ranging from administrative assistance to content creation so business owners can stop panicking and start living a life they love.

About Don’t Panic Management

Don’t Panic Management was founded by Jess (Ostroff) Tyson in 2011. Don’t Panic’s team of US-based, college-educated professionals does so much more than provide administrative support. They help overworked entrepreneurs and business owners get back to their zone of genius—the things only they can do, while Don’t Panic’s capable team handles the rest. 

With three tiers of service available, each business leader can select the type of help that they need. Don’t Panic Management offers everything from basic administrative assistance, like calendaring and inbox management, to full-service content creation and production.

Once you’ve identified your basic needs, Don’t Panic uses its matchmaking process to find the perfect member of its distributed team for you. They match clients and team members on everything from personality type and love language to skillset and area of expertise.

The Don’t Panic team is guided by a set of values they hold dear:

Working with a US-based team means no concerns about time zone differences or language barriers. It’s important to note that this benefit often comes with higher rates.

Don’t Panic Management Services

At the core of Don’t Panic Management’s offerings is a desire to help harried entrepreneurs and business owners get away from the busy work and back to the things they love doing.

The Don’t Panic Management team is available to assist with a wide range of tasks, including:

One of the benefits of working with a virtual assistant firm, rather than an individual, is that Don’t Panic is able to pair you with the ideal assistant for your needs. Each of their skilled team members has strengths and areas of expertise, and Don’t Panic employs a matchmaking process at the start of each new engagement to ensure you find the perfect Don’t Panic team member to suit your needs.

They also provide backup support if your assistant gets sick, takes a vacation, or leaves. This means you don’t have to worry about someone disappearing and being left in the lurch.

Don’t Panic Management Plans and Pricing

Don’t Panic Management offers three tiers of services designed to meet business owners where they are:

The first tier, Executive Assistants, is $45/hour, with a five-hour-per-week minimum. Services include traditional administrative tasks, such as calendar and inbox management, bookkeeping, research, and travel booking.

Don’t Panic’s Marketing Assistants offering is $55/hour with a five-hour-per-week minimum. This package includes administrative management of various marketing tasks, including social media curation and scheduling, webinar management, and blog formatting and promotion.

The top-tier offering, Content Producers, is $65/hour with a five-hour-per-week minimum. This service level provides content creation, including video production, blog writing, podcast production, and webinar production.

Don’t Panic Management Alternatives

As you would expect, Don’t Panic Management’s pricing is more expensive than most of the overseas virtual assistant options. When comparing strictly to US based companies however they are very competitive.

Prialto, Time Etc and Boldly are three competitors offering a similar services at similar rates. 

Your Turn

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