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Delesign is a subscription-based unlimited graphic design service. The company started operations in April of 2018. They complete all kinds of graphic design work, website design mockups and UI/UX, illustrations, branding, and video and motion graphic projects. Most projects can be completed within 24-48 hours and they provide you with direct communication with your Delesign designer, even through Slack.

Their headquarters is based in San Jose, California, and all of their designers are based in the Philippines. This enables Delesign to offer competitive rates, and they are flexible with their working hours to meet the needs of their clients by providing you with 2 shift schedule options when signing up. This way, you’re able to select when your designer works to ensure that you can be online when they are.

About Delesign

Delesign ReviewThe company was founded by Kenny Schumacher and Julius Tasis. Julius is based in the Philippines, was a senior designer at Maersk, and has experience working with businesses of all sizes.

Kenny is an entrepreneur living in San Jose where their US offices are based. He and Julius have a number of online businesses and started Delesign to provide affordable graphic design solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

My Delesign Review

How Delesign Works

Their business model is subscription-based. This means the more design work you need, the more value you will get from the same flat monthly fee.

Like most subscription models they say you can request “unlimited” designs. This is not limited to one task at a time like many other similar subscription models, however instead is limited to 2 hours of design work per day with one subscription. As such, you may be able to complete multiple simple projects in one day, but a more complex project may take multiple days.

There are four simple steps from signing up with Delesign, to receiving your completed designs:

  1. Fill out a short questionnaire about your business, your business’s needs, the types of projects you want completed and what time zones are best for you, then a member of their team will assign the best-suited designer to work with you.
  2. Start submitting design requests through their online portal. They have premium stock images available to use, and you can upload your own images.
  3. Your designer will start working on your request and provide you with updates.
  4. Your designer will send you files for the completed designs. You can message your designer to request revisions and provide feedback, or accept the work!

Delesign Services

Delesign graphic designers are experienced in a wide range of graphic design tasks.

It’s easier to ask them what they can’t do rather than all the things they can, but to give you a better idea, here are some of the common requests from clients include:

  • Branding
  • Illustrations
  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
  • Explainer videos
  • Web design work
  • App mockups
  • and more

All their Virtual Assistant’s primarily work in English.

Here’s my video interview with Delesign founder, Kenny Schumacher, with more details on who the service is a good match for and a look into his hiring process.

Plans and Pricing

Delesign currently has two different pricing plans to choose from. You can opt for a rolling monthly plan or sign up for a year.

All of their plans include unlimited design requests and revisions, with 2 hours of daily design allotment with one subscription.

The best value is the yearly plan which costs $325 per month. (That means you’re committing to $3,900 upfront, but is still an incredible bargain compared with hiring an in-house designer.)

A complete list of their plans are as follows:

  • Graphic Designer Monthly – $349 per month
  • Graphic Designer Yearly – $325 per month
  • Senior Designer Monthly – $499 per month
  • Senior Designer Yearly – $449 per month

delesign pricing

All plans come with a 15-day money back guarantee, there are no additional costs, and you are assigned a dedicated designer to work with.

Delesign Alternatives

A couple of other subscription-based companies operating on a similar model as Delesign are Design Pickle and Unicorn Go.

If you don’t think you will get enough value from a monthly subscription, then it might be worth checking Fiverr for affordable one-off design tasks, or a company like 99designs for a larger crowdsourced project.

Your Turn

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    For the sake of disclosure, Delesign offered me 2 months free to test out the service. Here’s my honest take on it.

    I took advantage of the trial to knock out a bunch of social media graphics that had been lingering on my to-do list. Specifically, I needed to create or update dozens of Pinterest images for my blog.

    This is normally a task I do myself, but it can be time-consuming to source compelling images.

    What was good about the platform?

    Dedicated Designer – It was great to work with one point of contact, who became familiar with my brand and the types of images we were after.

    Speed – Delesign promised turnaround times of 12-24 hours for simple design work and I found that to be accurate.

    Communication and Revisions – I didn’t feel like there was any language barrier. Of the 30+ designs, I had to request revisions or provide feedback only a handful of times. For something as subjective as design, I thought that was good.

    Multiple Options – My designer would often provide 2-3 choices for each request for me to choose from. I never asked for that, but I thought that was really thoughtful, and helpful.

    What could be improved?

    I’m hesitant to provide user-interface feedback since I imagine that will change as the company matures, but one thing that would have been helpful would be to have like a pre-set dropdown for recurring or similar requests. What I did to speed up the submission process was just copy and paste from the previous request, but at least for the kind of design work I was delegating, it would’ve been handy to have a little pre-set request template for Pinterest graphics in my case.

    The ability to request tasks via email would also be helpful because at press time, everything had to go through their interface. Not a huge deal, and of course subject to change as the company grows.

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