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Codementor is a software support company offering one-to-one support and mentorship to students, business owners, and aspiring developers looking to learn how to code — or just to get a quick answer to your coding question.

The company has been in operation since 2014. They are based in San Francisco and Taiwan, and they employ mentors all over the globe.

About Codementor

codementor reviewThe company is funded by Techstars, 500 Startups and other investors, and is headed up by CEO Weiting Liu. They provide a marketplace for coding experts to mentor anyone looking to learn more about coding.

Their mentors cover more than 800 topics and offer training and mentorship to beginners and advanced coders. Their mentors are based all over the world and connect with customers via screen sharing, video and text chat.

Their services are aimed at anyone interested in learning to code. Where the service applies to business owners is in getting real-time virtual support to resolve annoying website problems. It might not make sense to hire an in-house developer or post a job to Upwork for a small bug fix, but it still is a pressing issue.

Codementor Intro Video


To connect with one of the mentors on the Codementor.io platform you need a PC or Mac. You can either make contact via on-screen chat, or if you have the ability to connect via video or audio call you can use these methods.

Codementor told me they typically respond to all requests within 10-30 minutes depending on the time of day and complexity of the request. Once one of their mentors has responded to your question you can open dialogue with them and discuss your requirements.

They’re not necessarily going to do the work for you — although I imagine the expert developers DO source some jobs from the platform — but more point you in the right direction on how you can solve the problem yourself. There are a number of times for this site where I could have used a service like this to fix one feature or make some small tweak to the design!

After a preview period you click “start paid session.” Your credit card will be billed at the end of the session. Using Zoom.us you can record your sessions to review again at a later date.

Plans and Pricing

Codementor provides an open marketplace for developers to set their own rates. Rates typically start at around $10-15 per 15 minutes and go up from there. Doesn’t that sound more affordable than $60 an hour?

codementor pricing

There is a minimum charge for the first 15 minutes for each session, with the following time charged at the mentor’s rate per minute.

There is a money back guarantee in place. If you are not satisfied with your mentor within the first hour you can request a refund.

Codementor is also building out a gig marketplace similar to Fiverr or PeoplePerHour. These are fixed-price projects with a specific deliverable.

For example, when I looked under their mobile app development category, I found gigs ranging from $25 to $2000 and more:

codementor gig pricing

Codementor Alternatives

Clarity.fm provides a similar one-on-one support marketplace allowing to you to connect with experts, but their focus isn’t as niche as Codementor.io.

For technical help like this, your options are pretty much to hire a developer on Upwork (or Fiverr for small jobs), or sign up for a recurring maintenance service like Zen WP.

Your Turn

Have you worked with a mentor on the Codementor platform? If so, please leave a review below to help others with their decision.

18 Reviews

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    I just had very bad experience.
    Codementor support does not keep the policy.
    Also, support send a lot of email as spam.
    And support close a lot of account without reason.
    After close the account, support process the balance itself.
    Really, I disappointed about that.
    🙁 🙁 🙁

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    I have had more than 1 bad experience on code mentor. I think this platform needs to be better designed to prevent scammers from scamming inexperienced hirers.

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    BEWARE … CODEMENTOR and now ARC – I got shafted for over 2,000 dollars by this company and they think nothing of doing it. I guess they expect people will not say anything and they can just do what they want. There are A LOT of snowflakes on this site that have an entitlement attitude, DO NOT GET INVOLVED, they need much better parenting apparently. They Know nothing of how life and business really works. Makes me sad for these people, but there are good ones still around, I would check TrueLancer if I were you, I have had much success with them. Good Luck.

    1. We’re sorry to hear about this, Kurt. For the freelance jobs that you had confirmed were completed on Codementor, please know that those are non-refundable according to Codementor’s Terms of Service. After a thorough review of you and your mentor’s account of what your requirements were and the work that was completed, the support team had issued you a partial refund. Please feel free to reach out to Codementor’s support team again if you have further questions, thank you!

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        I need urgent help as I am being conned on code mentor in a very obvious way but the support is no help and not even bothering to look at the fake code the developper sent me.

  1. I just started my project with a mentor to develop my app which I’ve been struggling to develop for the past 3 years and lost big amount of money.. really big amount

    Im crossing my fingers, and actually extremely scared after reading the above reviews.

    I really really wish things work better this time with codementor.

  2. i have create an account on codementor.
    but when i try to start a session codementor notify me there is an issue with my account
    how is that possible even though my profile verification was successful and i have balance credit in my account. i really need help because i cannot start a session with my tutor on codementor. i try to send an email to the support team of codementor still no reply from them regarding this issue

    1. Hello Koushal! Sorry about the inconvenience caused. Our support team aims to respond to emails as soon as we can, which is typically within 1 business day. It looks like we’ve responded to your questions within 12 hours of your email and have resolved the issue. Do let us know if you continue experiencing issues with your account. Thank you.

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    Codementor.io has been vital for my career growth and development as a tech professional. It is my go-to during stressful code debugging situations and when things are urgent. Technology is constantly changing every day and every year. Each new hot framework, software or code standard brings more challenges and demands in the job industry.

    Codementor provided me with access to experts and more experienced developers in my field. I am currently going through a career transition and advancement that requires a large amount of growth. The difficulty level is significantly higher but enjoyable to learn in-demand programming languages and frameworks.

    It’s so great to meet so many skilled professionals and experts to learn from. Networking is great too. I’ve had some memorable experiences in my career through Codementor. Someday, I will be a mentor because I will develop to a professional level that Codementor has allowed me to become.

    1. We really appreciate your positive feedback about our platform, Alicia. We’re glad to hear that you have benefitted from it in several ways.

      Thank you for your support, and we wish you the best!

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    I got scammed on Codementor. I paid 200$ to a mentor that scammed and I contacted Codementor Support Team. Instead they said that I should be careful next time.

    I contacted the mentor that scammed me and he said the following:

    I have discussed our situation with the code mentor support team and I assume they have also discussed it with you. I assume you understand how our current status makes it impossible for me to do any further work for you.

    I hope it goes without saying that you should not submit any of my work, in any form, to your teacher.

    I do not wish to profit from this affair so I proposed the following compromise to codementor:

    Mentor receive 0$
    I received 0$
    Codementor receives 0$

    All moneys exchanged thus far are donated to charity. (perhaps this would be a good candidate: https://us.ditchthelabel.org/).

    A.k.a. Mentor scammed me –> Codementor didn’t do anything about it –> Codementor took my money and gave it to charity.

    1. Hi there, Neil! Regarding this case, our Support Team had worked closely with you for a resolution, which ended up being a partial refund to you and a partial payment to the mentor.

      We typically are unable to assist in disputes that are related to graded assignments, as it is against our Terms of Service for users to ask mentors to complete graded assignments. Despite this, we made an effort to assist you and the mentor to come to a resolution, one in which you said you would be satisfied with.

      We’ve emailed you again regarding this case in the event that you have anything new to add so that we can look into it further if needed. Cheers!

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    Speaking as a software developer, I’ve had some bad experiences with clients. One client kept delaying a paid session with “just wait till this part works and then…”, and another client wanted a refund one day after agreeing that I helped him solve a problem of his, though other problems in the code remained (well duh! you didn’t hire me to help you with ALL of your problems, just one of them!)

    The 20% commission for paid sessions is also very steep.

    1. Sorry to hear that you had experienced these issues on our platform.

      Regarding the user that was delaying the paid session, if a user continuously refuses to start a paid session, we’d recommend explaining how paid sessions work and if that doesn’t help, you may kindly end the session. In addition to this, we have a system in place for reporting users who may misbehaving, and we thoroughly check every report to maintain a positive and friendly environment on our platform. If you haven’t reported this user or reached out to us about him/her, feel free to do that so we can investigate this for you and prevent this from happening again.

      When users request a refund and things go awry, we recommend asking the user to contact our Support Team so that we can help. Alternatively, we welcome mentors to contact us about disputes so we can assist to resolve them amicably.

      Lastly, regarding the platform fee, please know we have a weekly bonus system, which means mentors can enjoy a reduced platform fee as low as 13%. More info about that here: https://support.codementor.io/hc/en-us/articles/218938248-How-does-the-Weekly-Bonus-work-

      If you have any other concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can address them! Thank you.

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    Codementor is the worst site ever for help. Developers are not receptive (they are always online even when they are not), expensive (the 15 minute rate makes them look deceptively cheap – $60 an hour should get you more than what you get), plenty of developers miss appointments with no impunity (I have had that happen once or twice and you can’t leave a negative review), and developers tend to be rude and frankly, beyond socially awkward (responding after three days with merely a “hi” is kind of ridiculous and seems to be the norm among developers there). I hate that there aren’t any better options out there and have to come back to get help from the people there. Some developers have been pretty useful, but for the most part, I have had a very lousy experience with Code(tor)mentor.

    1. Hello Dwayne! I’m sorry to hear that you did not have a pleasant experience on Codementor. Just wanted to address some of the points you mentioned to try to help you out.
      Maintaining a friendly and respectful space on our platform is of high importance to Codementor, and our reporting system helps us monitor this activity. We do apologize for the unpleasant experiences you had with a few mentors and encourage that you report these mentors to us to investigate. It is unfortunate to hear that there were mentors who missed scheduled sessions with you. Although mentors are usually on time, we’d highly urge that you reach out to us or report mentors who are late or a no-show, so we can help take the appropriate actions on your behalf.
      Our system automatically switches idle mentors to appear as “away” after a certain period of inactivity, but if you come across a mentor that appears as online but is unresponsive, please know you can report the mentor to us to investigate. Lastly, please know that mentors set their rates, though some are open to negotiation.
      We’d be more than happy to make things right for you, Dawyne, so if you could please email us (support[at]codementor.io), we’ll get back to you right away. Thank you!

  3. Worst experience ever. Made appointment with Sarmad and he never showed up. Waited on zoom for 16 minutes while trying to chat with him. Left message on zoom of my experience and sent note to support. No reply to any of my chats or emails. They also charge you before you have a mentoring session. Going back to Wyzant.

    1. Thanks for your review, Rebecca. Sorry that things didn’t go as planned. Just sent you an email to clarify the points you mentioned above. Feel free to let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help!

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