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5 Industries That Work with Virtual Assistants

One of the best ways to improve your bottom line, regardless of your industry, is using the services of a virtual assistant. These professionals can help any company with sales tasks, word processing, customer service, and so much more. They can assist in scheduling social media activities or help manage your schedule and important meetings. The details of a virtual assistant’s job description really depend on the tasks you delegate, which give you more time to focus on core strategic tasks that grow your business. But thanks to advanced technology (video conference software, cloud solutions, etc.), five industries benefit the most from hiring a virtual assistant for online help. 

1. Law Firms – Administrative Tasks

All the paperwork that goes into running a law firm would needlessly drain the top workers’ energy if they’d try to tackle it themselves. But hiring an in-house person to handle the paperwork would not the most affordable option. Enter a virtual assistant: a cost-effective, remote employee who can take care of communicating with clients, data entry, email management, legal transcriptions, and much more. The quality of their work is top tier, which enables legal practitioners to free up their time for higher-value pursuits like working on cases. With the paperwork handled, lawyers and barristers can also be more productive in promoting their law firms.

2. Digital Marketing – Social Media Management

A big chunk of marketing efforts need to focus on the world of social media. That’s where most target audiences are spending time online. But advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram require lots of small tasks like article editing, selecting photos, market analysis, etc. It would take too much time for business owners to complete all these chores by themselves. A virtual assistant company that specializes in social media management can hire one of their specialists to look over a business’s Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc., accounts. These experts would ensure campaigns follow the latest trends on a chosen platform to generate as much attention, quality leads, and conversions, as possible.

3. Information Technology (IT) Industry – Enable Vast Expansion

If there’s one industry that hasn’t stopped because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s IT. Companies providing computer services for business operations have been working around the clock to make everyone stay connected via secure and fully functional systems. The service providers have been so successful in their tasks that the IT sector only keeps growing. But they couldn’t do it with the help of virtual assistants, needed to provide customer and administrative support, create slides, graphics, etc., and even contribute to website development. These jobs are not vast, but they require skilful professionals to get completed. Tne IT businesses have discovered early on that instead of keeping additional staff for these tasks – it’s more cost-effective to delegate them to third-party contractors (virtual assistants).

4. Real Estate – Increase Focus on Customers

Most successful real estate professionals know the importance of delegating tasks. Their primary focus is on providing quality service to their clients and ensuring everything corresponds to the buyers’ and sellers’ needs. And all the other tasks that involve running a real estate agency get covered by virtual assistants. These chores include social media management, writing emails, posting ads, setting up appointments, filtering leads, and much more. Virtual assistants can even stage open houses and do the cold calls. The he best part? That with a few organized and skillful virtual assistants, there’s no need to put together a team of expensive realtors.

5. Business Startups – Administrative Tasks

Young startups can not afford a large number of employees. At the same time, they have orders coming in and (hopefully) a growing customer base to please. A virtual assistant can step in and help startup managers with content creation, writing emails, executing marketing campaigns, and even bookkeeping.

Good virtual assistant examples for innovative internet-based businesses are sometimes also powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The online gaming industry, for example, needs to be able to communicate with its clients 24/7. Virtual assistants in the form of chatbots can provide the much-needed ever-available player support.


Virtual assistant, by definition, handles tasks while working outside the company’s office. It’s a perfect cost-effective solution for law firms, young startups, real estate, digital marketing agencies, and IT companies. Most businesses in those sectors that have embraced virtual assistance have seen exponential growth in their sales efforts while keeping the expenses low. So now it’s your turn to outsource your everyday tasks and focus on the big-picture strategies that make your business grow. It’s all in your hands.

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Author: Jeremy Ambrose is a virtual assistant who specializes in social media marketing and business startups. He believes most professionals, especially business owners, can benefit immensely from rethinking their time-management strategies. He also enjoys writing articles about Facebook ads, virtual assistant work, the best social media marketing strategies, and effective communication. Currently, he also works at AssignyourwriterUK as a content writer.

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