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UPDATE: It appears Ziptask is out of business. Please consider one of these alternatives.

Ziptask.com is an innovative way to send your computer tasks out for specialized completion without the trouble of finding a freelancer yourself. There is only one point of service to deal with, because Ziptask has their team of professionals in place.

Its headquarters are in Anaheim, California, but their employees come from all over the globe and have backgrounds in multiple disciplines from research and PowerPoint presentations to graphic design and programming.

About Zip Task

ziptask reviewTwo enterprising techs, Shawn Livermore & Jeff Sherwood, came up with the concept for Ziptask. Both men have intensive backgrounds in software and information technology, and each worked for mega-companies before joining forces.

They founded Ziptask.com in 2010, and have about one dozen employees to run the business, aside from their virtual assistant task experts.


Virtually any computer job, including creation of ads, translation services, tutoring, editing, and video-design can be handled by Ziptask experts. Formatting resumes, graph and table conversions, creating company letterheads and hundreds of other jobs are handled quickly and easily. Creating company presentations are another function of Ziptask, including use of PowerPoint, animations and translation to other languages.

Privacy and safety for all work is through use of symmetric-key encryption with 128-bit certificates. All employees sign non-disclosure contracts and are well screened prior to working for Ziptask, and their systems are monitored by security.

Small and large businesses love getting back the time it once took to outsource their work. Consequently, Ziptask.com is poised to meet the next challenges presented by the digital workforce.

How it Works

This is the first service of its kind, and its design gives the utmost efficiency to the client. Additionally, with the per-minute fee structure, Ziptask believes that more people will use their services. After downloading their Ziptask Assist for Windows, clients just click once, submit their order and they are done.

Later, downloading the free iPhone App lets the client see how their work is progressing. It is the first of a new wave of hyper-specialization, which theorizes that experts, who focus on their own niche of technology, perform more efficiently and more competitively. The customer is the big winner in this fast-developing wave of digital business.

Ziptask Intro Video

Plans and Pricing

So how much does it cost? The service starts at $0.39 cents per minute for most basic jobs. That calculates out to a little more than $23 an hour, which isn’t outrageous for a talented virtual assistant, but definitely isn’t a super-bargain either.

Additionally, a monthly user fee applies to on-going clients who desire multiple user capability. The fee also covers additional built-in services, such as API access, enterprise integration and developer phone support. No monthly fees apply for individual users who submit common computer tasks. Furthermore, they offer a free 90-day trial period and a 100 percent money-back guarantee if the work takes longer than expected.

Pricing goes up in increments of .10 cents per minute for more advanced types of work. Programming may run approximately $0.69 per minute. However, work only starts after the client gives their okay. Clients also have the option of selecting a time limit for the ZipTask crew to better manage their budget.

Ziptask Alternatives

The closest comparison I can think of is it’s like Mechanical Turk, except for jobs that require a higher level of thinking and expertise. The advantage over oDesk and other freelance sites is you don’t have to weed through candidates and do interviews.

Your Turn


Have you tried outsourcing with ZipTask? If so, please share your experience below.

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  1. First time on your site, I’m shopping around for a service provider like your vompany or upwork, elance – whom best fit with helping me with the developing of my project. The architectural and all design stage of the project is already done by a company but have decided against working on developmental stage with them due to their outrageous pricing. I wants to build traction ,so i decided against soliciting for funding and have decided that outsourcing on hourly basis through a company like yours makes sense. Elance and upwork , you have to vett this developers that i know nothing about, so I’m leaning towards your platform for the simple fact that your company becomes the bridge that connects me to a qualify developer out of the country that would get the job done. My question is can a project on development stage be outsourced from the original company to the next?” Looking forward to your response! Cheers

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