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YourRemoteAssistant is a virtual assistant company in the Philippines. The company maintains a sales office near San Francisco, but all the work is done overseas. They’ve got their start in 2008.

YourRemoteAssistant specializes in administrative tasks such as calendar management, data entry, and transcription. Their virtual assistants can also do web research, event planning, customer support, and more.

your remote assistant reviewThe rates are competitive, with a 20 hour a month package starting at just $209, and a full-time 160-hour package running $1149. The company gives a discount on your first month of service for some of the higher hourly plans, and there are no set-up fees or long-term contracts.

While these prices aren’t crazy high (like those from Pepper Virtual Assistant), you’ll still be able to find a better deal from other Filipino virtual assistant companies.

YourRemoteAssistant.com will also quote one-time projects on an a la carte basis.

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How it works is the company assigns you a VA based on your job description and requirements. In a way, it’s nice not to have to do any interviewing, but in another way, you might not be getting the best fit candidate.

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You’ll get to work primarily with a dedicated virtual assistant, but the team environment allows for a backup at no additional charge.

Initially I thought the company might have been out of business because I didn’t hear anything back after contacting them via email, but it looks like the response just got lost in the ether; I just got a note from the founder Alex Brutin saying they are indeed alive and kicking!

Have you worked with YourRemoteAssistant? If so, please share your experience below and help others with their decision.

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    If you are looking for a VA job please do not apply here. They have no proper training and if you are not able to pass, you will not be paid.

    They only care for their clients.

  1. I applied here as a Registered Nurse/Admin. assistan few days ago and took 2 drills in google sheets and Google doc. The first drill was very challenging, it was about booking of flights which I haven’t experienced any. The second one was a bit easy since it was situational. After the drills, they told me to wait for a day or two if I passed. Today is the last day but no one informed. Does this mean I failed the drills? Thank you.

  2. This is my second engagement with YRA. I have found the service and value to be very high. They have a variety of staff with various skill levels to meet you needs. To maximize the effectiveness of your program, you will need to think through and communicate your needs and requirements prior to requesting an assistant. You can interact with your assistant as much or little as your task requires. I have always found everyone to be very attentive.

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    We were able to instantly increase our sales productivity: We have been using YRA for a few months now. Our assistants are tasked with building targeted lists for our sales outreach efforts. The model is working well and the quality of the work is great. Our team of SDRs has been able to increase their outreach significantly with the time saved. The YRA model includes a team lead so any deviation from the assignment is communicated and addressed quickly which is essential in a fast moving startup. An essential addition to any sales team!

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    We used this service briefly a couple years ago. The assistant we had did a reasonable job at the tasks we assigned, but did a poor job of communicating with us, particularly regarding billing matters, and was unable to follow instructions with respect to time management. This resulted in a lot of unproductive hours and over-billing, which we suspect was intentional.

    If the company would have been a little less over-the-top in attempting to hit us with additional charges we would probably have stuck with them. If they’re no longer in business, apparently other customers weren’t interested in dealing with such shenanigans either.

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