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x.ai is a tool that helps you and your team share ideal availability and schedule meetings.

About x.ai

x.ai reviewFounded in 2014, x.ai is a productivity tool powered by artificial intelligence that lets you schedule meetings effortlessly. We believe it should be easier and less time-consuming to schedule meetings, and x.ai is built to help everyone achieve that.


How It Works

When you connect all of your calendars with x.ai, the powerful scheduling engine can instantly review your availability and preferences to find ideal meeting times. You can share a link to these time options or tell x.ai’s Scheduling AI to send them directly to your guests.

With x.ai, you can automate the most tedious parts of schedule — things like finding compatible times to meet with large groups, sending follow-ups and reminders, as well as managing cancellations and reschedule requests.

Best of all: When you initiate a meeting with another x.ai user, the scheduling engine can review everyone’s availability and preferences to schedule the meeting instantly without any additional coordination.

X.ai Plans and Pricing

X.ai offers a Free, Forever plan, as well as Individual and Team tiers that provide premium features. Learn more: https://x.ai/pricing/

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