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WorkPuls is an employee monitoring, time tracking, and automatic time mapping platform.

This software provides a range of tools and features that enable managers and business owners to increase their employee’s productivity.

The company and WorkPuls’ support staff are based in California, U.S.

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About WorkPuls

The company was founded in 2015 and is headed up by CEO Ivan Petrovic, and COO Ryan Fyfe.

WorkPuls’ mantra is a simple one; “Every Second Counts (And Should be Counted).”

This is exactly what their software does, it tracks exactly what your team members are working on every second of the day.

Whether you have remote team members that you can’t physically see or you have in-house team members, if you want to know what they’re working on you can’t look over their shoulder all day.

This is where WorkPuls comes in – WorkPuls contains a range of tools, all of which are designed to monitor exactly what your team members, virtual assistants, and employees are working on.

Obviously, you want to know that the people you are paying are working on what you think they are. But productivity tracking tools like WorkPuls go far beyond that.

WorkPuls provides you with insights that you would not otherwise be able to see. Such as identifying tasks taking longer than you’d expect, which team members are working the fastest, amount of idle time, and much more.

How WorkPuls Works

If you want to see WorkPuls in action, you can start a 7-day free trial. Their success team will also assist you with your account setup and onboarding.

All you have to do to get started is to install the low-footprint software on each of your team member’s computers.

WorkPuls then collects all the data it needs and transfers it to their central servers. The data is crunched and presented to you via a user-friendly dashboard.

WorkPuls Services

WorkPuls provides all the tools to monitor just about everything your remote team members are doing with their time.

They summarize this down to 3 core areas as follows:

  1. Employee Monitoring – This includes monitoring the apps and websites your staff are using during working hours. As well as requesting screenshots and tracking keyboard activity and mouse movements.
  2. Time Tracking – You can set up projects and tasks and assign team members to specific projects. WorkPuls then collects all the data around who is working on which tasks and how productive they’re being.
  3. Automatic Time Mapping – Advanced tracking and reporting features give you a detailed overview of employee productivity. These insights enable you to make informed decisions when optimizing your team’s workflows.

WorkPuls Plans and Pricing

WorkPuls currently has four different pricing plans as follows:

  • Employee Monitoring – $6.00 per month per employee.
  • Time Tracking – $8.00 per month per employee.
  • Automatic Time Mapping – $15.00 per month per employee.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing on request.

These are month-to-month prices. If you commit to an annual plan you get a 20% discount, meaning Employee Monitoring starts at $4.80/mo per user.

Each of their plans unlocks more of their features. Looking at the long list of features in each plan, it looks like most small to medium-sized businesses will have everything they need in the Employee Monitoring plan though.

WorkPuls offer a 7-day free trial that allows you access to all of their features. So, you can try out their platform and decide for yourself.

WorkPuls Alternatives

There are other productivity and time tracking software tools on the market if you would like to test out alternative platforms. We recommend checking out MyTimeIn and DeskTime, two comparable platforms with a similar range of features.

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