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UPDATE: It appears Vortex 360 is out of business. Please consider one of these alternatives or see below. If you own this listing or this information is incorrect, contact me here.

Vortex 360 is an international virtual assistant company with offices in London, Dublin, Boston, Accra, Nairobi, and Abu Dhabi. The company was founded by Sean Murphy in 2015 and aims to provide a professional resource service to busy professionals who are ready to start outsourcing some of their workload.

About Vortex 360

vortex 360 reviewThe company’s main offices are in the UK and Ireland. Vortex 360 also have offices in Kenya, Ghana, UAE, and the US, allowing them to work with clients all over the world and utilize assistants in offices that enable them to work to the client’s local timezone.

Vortex 360 employs assistants native to the UK, Ireland and the US. You will be assigned a dedicated assistant that is best suited to your individual needs when you purchase one of their packages.

Their business directive is to provide support to busy professionals and business owners. Allowing you to free up more of your time to focus on other areas of your business. Although the company has only been in business around a year they have a presence all over the world and offer a wide range of services.


Some of the more common tasks Vortex 360’s virtual assistants handle include:

  • Administration support
  • Customer support
  • Personal assistant duties
  • Social media services
  • Data Entry
  • Online research
  • Article writing
  • And more

Plans and Pricing

Vortex 360 has two sets of plans. The first are their pre-paid packages, ideal if you’re working to a budget and want to purchase a bundle of hours to use as and when you need assistance. They also have some retainer packages, ideal if you have ongoing work and want some added security. The outline of their packages are as follows:

Pre-payment packages

  • Zero Hour Package – 3 hours – £78 per month ($34 per/hr)
  • Starter Package – 10 hours – £250 per month ($32 per/hr)
  • Lucent Package – 20 hours – £480 per month ($31 per/hr)

Is it a little ironic the “Zero Hour Package” comes with 3 hours?

vortex 360 package pricing

All these packages secure you a dedicated assistant from the UK, you can send unlimited tasks until your hours have been used, and can expect the tasks to be completed promptly.

Retainer packages

  • Lustrous Package – 40 hours – £880 per month ($29 per/hr)
  • Trophy Package – 60 hours – £1260 per month ($27 per/hr)
  • Virtuoso Package – 240 hours – £4800 per month ($26 per/hr)

vortex 360 retainer pricing

Again, with these packages you have a dedicated UK assistant and can send over unlimited tasks. Unused hours roll over for two weeks.

Vortex 360 offers a free trial. No credit card details or contracts to sign, just fill out the form on their website and have your first task completed for free to the value of £25. Free trials are the best way to sample a virtual assistant company before committing to a plan and are generally a good indication of what you can expect from an ongoing relationship going forward.

Vortex 360 Alternatives

If you’re looking for UK or European-based virtual assistant services, check out Time Etc and Boldly, two of the highest rated companies on this site. Another company worth checking out is Taystone BPO.

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    Vortex 360 provide an excellent service! I was so impressed by the can-do attitude, the timing of each response and the eagerness of my assigned VA to not only provide a professional service, but also the personal desire to continuously impress me. Every task I requested seemed to be completed with ease! I fully recommend them.

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