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UPDATE: It appears Team Launcher is out of business. Please consider one of these alternatives.

TeamLauncher.com is a virtual employee service with locations in Miami, India, and the Philippines.  Their claim to fame is the ability to source qualified new full-time workers within 48-hours and starting at just $999 a month.

Team Launcher calls themselves a “talent leasing service,” and their unique business was named one of CNBC’s Top 10 Websites for Entrepreneurs.  The TeamLauncher name is appropriate, because when you need to scale your business quickly, you may be hard-pressed to find a faster option.

teamlauncher reviewI was impressed by the clean and professional look of the TeamLauncher.com website, which definitely makes them standout over the competition.  Isn’t it funny how many of these other outsourcing companies pitch their web-design services on sites that look like crap?

Team Launcher has virtual employees in a variety of disciplines ready to help, including administrative support professionals, social media experts, SEO people, and even designers and programmers.  The price varies by education required and technical expertise.  Rates start at $999 per month for junior positions, and go all the way up to $3999 a month for a “master programmer.”

Regardless of what kind of job you’re hiring for, TeamLauncher is going to be substantially cheaper than hiring someone local in-house.  Virtual employees are available during three shifts so no matter your timezone, you can have support.  The company also boasts a “generous” cancellation policy and you have no long-term commitment.

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In the spirit of the “talent leasing” theme, Team Launcher also has hourly and weekly plans so you can scale as needed without the big up-front cost.

The other service you might consider is Virtual Staff Finder – they charge an upfront fee for finding your Filipino worker but your ongoing monthly costs will be lower.

Have you worked with TeamLauncher?  If so, please share your experience below, positive or negative.

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    I’ve been using them for months and I love my two employees. They have been simply amazing. They get so much done and they have actually done a better job than a local programmer I had.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend team launcher

  1. Thanks for recommending Team Launcher and for writing a great review.

    One of the many things that sets Team Launcher apart from other firms in the industry is that we provided truly “managed” employees. You will get a much better result that way.

    When you hire a virtual assistant (or programmer, artist, writer, legal support person, etc) from us, we provide office space, computer, software and a full time manager included in the low price of an employee. That way you know your employee is showing up on time, has the right tools, and is working exclusively on your assignments. Other firms aren’t in the business of providing the right tools and helping oversee your employee in such a way that you get an extraordinary benefit.

    Our competitors are just connectors. We are so much more than just connectors. We make sure you win in every way possible.

    Tadd Rosenfeld

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