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Team Double-Click is a remote staffing agency, specializing in American “cloud-based” virtual assistants. The Colorado-based company was founded by Jim and Gayle Buske way back in 2000. (I believe “cloud-based” is the new preferred way to say the VAs work from their homes, rather than from a centralized office.)

team doubleclick reviewYour virtual administrative assistant is an off-site resource for your business. He or she can help with a broad range of computer-related tasks such as proofreading, bookkeeping, article writing, and data entry. Team Double-Click VAs also can make travel arrangements, assist with real estate transactions, prepare newsletters, and help with your customer service.

Team Double-Click offers two levels of service: Hourly Hire and Direct Placement.

With Hourly Hire, you contract with Team Double-Click on an on-demand hourly basis. They help monitor and manage your virtual assistant for you. In theory it makes sense to leverage their expertise in this way, but my guess is you’ll end up paying a higher rate and possibly have an extra layer of complexity in your relationship with your VA.

With Direct Placement, the company matches you up with one of their virtual assistants for free. Maybe the VAs are the ones paying for this matchmaking service?

Either way, this arrangement works similar to Virtual Staff Finder and some of the other recruiting services, except for US virtual assistants. From a network of nearly 100,000 VAs, they pre-screen the candidates and present a short list for you to interview. Then you select the winner and begin working with them and paying them directly as an independent contractor.

If you want to learn more about Team Double-Click, be sure to mention referral code VAA247 to take advantage of any special offers that might be available.

The only mention of pricing I could find gives only a range of $15 to $75 an hour. Quite a spread!

I’m generally not a fan of having to download, print, sign, fax/scan any pdf document, but that appears to be the only way to sign up for the service. They also want to collect your credit card information from the very onset.

In the Hourly Hire agreement pdf, a rate table is included. An entry level VA is quoted at $29.81 an hour, which definitely puts them on the higher end of the spectrum globally, but on par with other US-based virtual assistant companies.

As an alternative, you might try your hand at finding a freelance VA to meet your needs.

Have you worked with Team Double-Click? If so, please share your experience below and help others make with their research.

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