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UPDATE: As of 2019, Tasksbay has pivoted to provide classroom and online training certification for professionals. If you’re looking for virtual assistant support, please see below for Tasksbay alternatives.

Tasksbay is an India-based virtual assistant company headed up by four partners. They have been in business since 2013 and their head office is located in Bangalore, India.

They offer a wide range of services such as scheduling meetings, handling customer service, data mining, web development, and more.

About Tasksbay

tasksbay reviewTheir target customers are small business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies looking for additional support without taking on employees of their own.

Tasksbay’s virtual assistants specialize in branding, web development, admin services, digital marketing, data mining. They also handle all the general virtual assistant appropriate tasks, I advise contacting them for more information.

When I asked Tasksbay to tell me more about themselves they said, “we are one of the growing virtual assistant companies. Get your work done from any part of the world with just an email or a phone call.”

Tasksbay Intro Video


To get started with Tasksbay, contact them via their website and open a dialogue. Based on the information you give Tasksbay about the tasks you want to outsource, you will be matched with a virtual assistant that best fits the role from their database of staff.

The company specializes in four different service areas:

  • Data mining, including data entry.
  • Admin services, including calendar, travel, and email management.
  • Web and branding, including web development and graphic animation.
  • Digital marketing, including SEO, social media marketing, and PPC management.

Tasksbay always guarantees a backup assistant with all their plans, so you can rest assured there will not be any interruptions in service should your assistant not show up for work.

As with all virtual assistant providers, to get the most out of the relationship you need to provide as much detail as possible when handing over tasks. This also includes keeping the communication flowing as you work with your assistant.

Plans and Pricing

Tasksbay bases their pricing over the main areas of their services as follows:

  • Free trial service for 2 hours (Any admin & Data services)
  • Data Mining & Data Entry – 10 hours for $99, valid for 30 days
  • Admin Services – 10 hours starting at $110, valid for 30 days
  • Web Development – Rates start at $13/hr

For a detailed quote for ongoing virtual support, they’ve asked VAA readers to contact them to discuss the options.

Tasksbay Alternatives

Looking at other highly rated India-based virtual assistant companies you should check out My Tasker. In their case, you can access a team of talent to get assistance in a variety of functional areas. 

When I asked Tasksbay what separates them apart from other companies in this crowded marketplace, their Business Manager Rajesh said, “Tasksbay is formed by the employees who have worked with our competitors for many years as their best performers. This makes our team strong.”

Your Turn

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12 Reviews

  1. Don’t know much about the product.
    But I also just got spammed by Zac.Gessner@myownvirtualpa.com

    The video encoding seems to be broken. The stock videos on the website turn green every now and then.

    Tasksbay appears to be somehow affiliated with graspskills.com and they use throw away domains for their spam campaigns.

    tasksbay.com and myownvirtualpa.com are registered by Graspskills

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    The Tasksbay team handled my last project in a very professional and efficient manner. The project was completed before the deadline with all deliverables completed as per the scope. I received regular communication from the friendly and helpful staff. I will recommend Tasksbay to everyone for any admin or research project.

  2. Good to hear they do good work because I just got spammed by them and the English grammar was very poor. The email address was graspskillsprojectmanagement.com, which has been accused of fraud in online reviews. Having had only this one email experience, I have to no idea what the veracity of that might be, but I would want to proceed with caution. Example from the spam: ” Tasksbay offers you with virtual assistance services to individuals, from small to medium businesses and even corporates with global connections. We can handle your personal as well as business tasks with the expertness and perfection…Administration is the backbone of many companies and organizations, the small important part that maintains all the other wheels turning, offering the approaches…” Completely forgivable as ESL, but not for an English speaking company presenting itself to clients

    1. Dear Melody,

      Thank you for your valuable information.

      I am Rajesh, Business manager at Tasksbay.

      I will look into the spam email which you have received and take necessary actions.

      Please don’t compare Tasksbay with Graspskills PVT LTD as we are a different organisation.

      Like other competitors, we do not have any trail service as we are confident in our services and provided 100% quality result in last 3 years. However, I would suggest you to try our services and I will provide you 5 days trail period with 5 hours of usage of VA and then you can write a review about our services.

      You can contact me at Support@tasksbay.com

      1. Hi, Rajesh –

        I must agree with Melody about your company’s need for a good writer/copyeditor. I just spent some time looking at your website, and it is filled with various writing mistakes…incomplete sentences, incorrect grammar, etc. This makes your company look less than professional. Also, I saw on both your site and in your comment here the use of the word “trail,” when what I believe you mean to say is, “trial.” (Those are two very different words…when I saw it on your website, I thought it was just a typo, but since you used it twice in your comment here, I now believe you thought you were using the right word.)

        I don’t write this to be hurtful, but, rather, to help you to make your business represent itself more professionally. From what I’ve seen with the writing, I would never hire your company to do anything that would involve producing something written of any kind.

          • 44444
          • 55555
          • 44444
          • 55555

          Great observation! even I also noticed and informed them. Yeah.. it’s rectified.
          Being a well wishers of Tasksbay… I must remember “A body of men assembled to rectify the mistakes of the diplomats” –

          Hi Tasksbay, You have done a fabulous job on my behalf. I am glad to share my comment here. A long way to go. Believe, Becomes and make it happen.

          Thank you!

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    Always efficient, always friendly. I have been working with Tasksbay for many months and have always been satisfied. Highly recommended.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

    Great service I have used for over 3 years to manage my complex travel schedules including booking of flights, hotels and transport, managing my diary and providing background research where required.

    Great service, service great people and highly efficient and cost effective

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