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UPDATE: It appears Task Molly is out of business. Please consider one of these alternatives or see below. If you own this listing or this information is incorrect, contact me here.

Task Molly is a US-based virtual assistant and administrative support company that focuses on helping small businesses manage their day-to-day tasks.

Their US-based assistants are well-versed in US business practices and the company focuses mainly on US clients. Their head offices are based in Southern California.

About Task Molly

TaskMolly is a “small business that is in the business of serving other small businesses”. For any small business owner looking to outsource some tasks this statement will feel reassuring. Instead of issuing a blanket statement saying their assistants can help businesses of all sizes with any tasks, TaskMolly are vocal about focusing on working with small businesses.

Their assistants serve as the back office to small businesses, giving you access to a team capable of handling any, or all of your day-to-day tasks. They understand that small business owners are often trying to handle all the tasks involved with maintaining a business, while trying to find time to expand and grow the business.

They offer monthly plans that include 12, 24, or 36 hours. You can submit tasks via email or a phone app and start reducing your workload after a brief consultation to discuss your business needs.


Their virtual assistants can handle any of the day-to-day tasks involved in running your business. They group their services into the following categories:

  • Administrative – Handling emails, scheduling calendars, coordinating events and meetings, data entry, etc.
  • Marketing – Social media management, email marketing, preparing PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • Design – Web design, infographics, flyers, designing business cards and company stationery, etc.
  • Consulting – Writing business plans, project management, proposals, etc.

Obviously, their skills are not limited to the services above. With proper instruction and clear communication TaskMolly’s assistants will be able to handle any tasks you would otherwise handle yourself or you’d delegate to a member of staff.

Plans and Pricing

Task Molly have three different pricing tiers based on the number of hours you’re paying for, these are priced as follows:

  1. Base – 12 hours – $379 ($31.50/hr)
  2. Plus – 24 hours – $679 ($28.30/hr)
  3. Pro – 36 hours – $979 ($27.20/hr)

Each plan includes a dedicated account manager and detailed monthly reports. There is a decent saving on the hourly rate with the Pro plan so it’s worth considering if you think you will need around 36 hours a month.

There are other bespoke services available for website design tasks, infographics, business plans, and more. You can also contact TaskMolly directly for custom quotes.

Task Molly Alternatives

Looking at US-based alternatives, Time Etc and Boldly operate on similar business models and pricing as TaskMolly and are worth checking out.

Your Turn

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    I am the owner of American Solar Advantage, INC.and BDH Engineering & Construction Company. As the owner of two growing companies, there are a lot of behind the scenes duties and task that need to get done that I rely heavily on Task Molly.

    Whether it’s invoicing, standing up new software, marketing, researching information, putting together PowerPoint Presentations, updating my financials, designing our website, or literally whatever I throw at them and need them to do. Without a question, I would recommend Task Molly to all my colleagues. In fact quite a few of Task Molly clients were referred by my staff and I. 🙂

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    The staff at Task Molly is amazing! The quality of services offered are unmatched. Very professionnel, strategic and forward thinking staff. They offered business processes that will help my business grow.

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