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UPDATE: It appears Task Firm is out of business. Please consider one of these alternatives.

Task Firm is a London-based virtual assistant company that provides an on-demand assistance service to micro-businesses and entrepreneurs. The company was founded by Natasha Guerra in 2013, after she got fed up with the frustrations of the marketplaces that currently dominate the outsourcing industry.

task firm reviewHer small team of UK-based virtual assistants aim to change that with dedicated email and phone support, in your time zone and in your language.

How it Works

TaskFirm currently operate across four sectors: Sales, Finance, Marketing, and Admin. Common tasks include blogging, booking business trips, social media management, expense reports, preparing presentations, generating sales leads, following up on invoices, data entry, and a whole array of administrative tasks.

At the moment, their customers are mostly in the tech start-up space. With no employment contracts, no overhead costs, and no payroll hassle, the Task Firm set-up is ideal for companies looking to add some efficient and lean support.

The company only accounts for hours, not for tasks — which means you don’t have to worry about chunking bigger projects into 15-minute segments.

Also, they’ll make every effort to assign you a dedicated virtual assistant, but for urgent tasks another VA with availability may jump in and help out. Task Firm offers a personal service by not only hand-picking each assistant, but also by managing each task.

Plans and Pricing

Task Firm runs on subscription model where customers can choose the package that best suits their needs. Plans start at 5 hours for £89 (£17.80/hour), which includes next-day turnaround time.

The most popular plan is the 10 hour package for £159 (£15.90/hour), which includes phone support and evening hours as needed.

Naturally as you buy up more time, the effective hourly rate decreases. For instance, 20 hours of Task Firm VA time is £279 per month (£13.95/hour), and a 40-hour VIP package is offered at £479 per month (£11.96/hour).

All plans include a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with Task Firm’s work.

Task Firm Alternatives?

The UK VA market is still emerging with plenty of room for growth. The big freelance marketplaces are a popular choice for finding qualified remote help, but come with the drawbacks of having to place your own wanted ad and screening the masses of candidates to find the right one. Sometimes, for very small tasks, the process can take longer than it would if you just did the job yourself! finding genuine talent on these platforms is becoming increasingly difficult. 

In terms of virtual assistant companies in the UK or Europe, Task Firm’s rates are quite attractive compared with some of their UK competition such as DailyPA.

In the US, the most similar company to Task Firm is Zirtual, which offers similar monthly assistance packages.

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    I had a pile of admin tasks built up and no time to do them due to the long hours I was working.

    One email to taskfirm, and a few days later my pile had disappeared!

    Extremely helpful and communicative staff, and impressive results.

    Give them a try, you won’t regret it!

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    • 55555

    What I found from experience was that assistants, especially virtual assistants, must be savvy and intelligent to be effective. Over the year I have shifted a large portion of the work I would not have thought I could outsource to TaskFirm to superb results which has saved me a fair bit of cash in executing things that otherwise would have been left undone and allowed me to focus on other issues.

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    Working with TaskFirm has been an ease and a wonderful change from prior groups I have worked with. They are incredibly professional, directed and focused on delivering value in the most cost effective fashion possible.

    Truly, I do recommend them.

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    • 55555
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    Always reliable, breaks the mold of virtual assistants being one trick ponies.

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