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UPDATE: Supahands no longer provides virtual assistant service. Instead they specialize in content moderation for companies in the property, media & e-commerce industries. The information below pertains to their old business model. Please consider one of these alternatives or see below.

Supahands is an outsourcing platform that works with entrepreneurs and business owners looking to outsource tasks of all sizes.

You can outsource individual tasks on an ad-hoc basis, or work with a dedicated assistant for all your tasks.

About Supahands

supahands reviewThe company has been in operation for two years. In this time they have worked with clients all over the globe and now have workers based in Australia, Singapore, the US, and their headquarters is based in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia.

The company is headed up by John Simpson. Their target customers are entrepreneurs, as well as small and large businesses.

When I spoke with Supahands they said, “What makes Supahands stand out as a leading outsourcing center are the skill sets that they can acquire to put in place for their clients.”


You can submit any ad-hoc tasks to the Supahands team. As mentioned above, if the task is not within their skill set they will recommend a company that can help. The company group their services into four areas:

  • Database Maintenance
  • Sales Support
  • Customer Support
  • General Tasks

They specialize in Data Entry, Lead Generation, Database Cleaning, Inbound and Outbound Customer Care, Data Deduplication, Online Research, Appointment Booking and Scheduling, Data Mining.

There are some areas that Supahands assistants do not specialize in however. If you are looking to outsource specialized tasks, such as SEO, site design, video editing, press releases, or writing, their staff cannot help. The company will however recommend another outsourcing company they have worked with before and are confident will be able to help.

Supahands Intro Video

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Plans and Pricing

The currency/credits Supahands virtual assistants use is called “Hands.” You purchase Hands and then use them for services.

Their packages are:

Starter Hands – This package buys you 6 Hands for $21.

Growth Hands – This package buys you 12 Hands for $36.

Pro Hands – This package buys you 30 Hands for $75.

supahands pricing

One hand buys you 20 minutes of virtual assistant time or a specific task. For example, asking Supahands to find you a contractor or a dog groomer will cost you one hand. For this cost a member of staff will do all the work for you, vetting contractors, making the calls and arranging the appointment.

If you utilize all 12 hands in the Growth package at 20 minutes a pop, you’d be looking at an equivalent hourly rate of $9 an hour.

Supahands also has a Premium package; 45 tasks for $225 a month, and perhaps most importantly, your requests are routed to your dedicated assistant each time.

If you run out of Hands on any plan, you can “top off” your account at any time.

You currently receive two free Hands when signing up, so now is the perfect time to give Supahands a try and see how well they fit with your requirements.

Supahands Alternatives

OkayRelax and Fancy Hands are the two companies that come to mind with the most similar package offerings. With OkayRelax, you can get a dedicated assistant at a lower price point than Supahands, and with Fancy Hands, their whole team is US-based.

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