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SG Solutions is a virtual assistant company that connects you with a growing global network of VAs. This modern, cloud-based set up utilizes primarily home-based virtual assistants in the Philippines and India, but also some North American staff in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

sg solutions reviewAlthough the company is decentralized, they maintain a US presence from their Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sales office. SG Solutions has been in business since 2007 and supports a number of entrepreneurial and small business clients.

Aside from the basic virtual assistant services, SG also offers graphic design, content writing, customer service phone agents and virtual receptionists, along with bookkeeping and social media marketing services.

New clients who sign up for SG Solutions are assigned a dedicated team leader, but have access to their entire network of talented professionals in case there are specialized tasks that need to be done. If you have a repetitive process to outsource on a predictable and ongoing basis, a dedicated VA will be assigned to handle that job and report directly to you.

I had the chance to speak with Troy McCauley, the Director of Business Development at SG Solutions, and I appreciated his straightforward approach to outsourcing. Like Elance and oDesk, he believes the best combination of talent and affordability you need for your business is not always located near your office.

But unlike those freelance sites, he explained, SG Solutions offers a more hands-on management and oversight when it comes to the performance of your virtual team members.

Rates for SG virtual assistants begin at $255 for 30 hours a month ($8.50/hour). A half-time plan of 20 hours a week is just $600 a month ($7.50/hour), and a 30-hour per week plan is priced at $1120, or just $7 an hour. No full-time plan is listed, but my guess is you could negotiate one if you wanted to engage their services on a full-time basis.

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One cool thing about SG Solutions VA plans is that for all but the lowest option, a portion of the hours roll over the next month if you don’t use them all. Since most virtual assistant companies operate on a use-it-or-lose-it system, that can be a nice feature to have if you don’t anticipate having a consistent workflow.

The company also sells graphic design and web development work at the bargain rate of just $12 per hour. In addition, they’ll quote 1-time project-based work for you as well.

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    Before I hired VA from sg solutions, I knew I needed assistance, but I was a bit hesitant to take the leap to hiring a Virtual Assistant. While I had projects that I could turn over, I was afraid that it would take more time to explain what I wanted than it would for me to do the task itself. After talking with a VA, it was clear that there was a lot they could bring to the table, so I took the leap; I’m SO glad I did. From web design to weekly newsletters to e-book creation to research and more, not only does my VA complete what I ask, but gives me more than I even knew to ask for! The work is completed with true collaboration and superior standards. Right now I am in the process of handing even more aspects of my business over to my VA. I can’t wait to see what creative projects I’m able to focus on as I continue to transition the time-stealing tasks that my VA handles with grace and ease. I count my decision to partner with sg solution as one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.

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    I have started using sgsolutionsus VA for almost 2 years so far it’s been a great experience. They have a web development and SEO team also working along with the VA’s so that basically takes care of all my business needs. I guess that’s one advantage of working with a VA company. Will let you know if my opinion changes about them though, but so far so good.

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