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UPDATE: Remote.com has changed their business structure and no longer offers the below services. Please take a look here for alternative virtual assistant companies. Thank you.

Remote.com (formerly Outsource.com, a platform that generated less-than-positive feedback from freelancers) is a virtual assistant company based in Burlingame, CA. They have been in operation since January 2017 and match business owners with virtual assistants from all over the globe.

They use an AI-powered matching system to match up clients with the best suited virtual assistant from their database, helping to establish that first point of contact and continued support with the working relationship.

About Remote.com

Remote is headed up by CEO Nick Macario. The interesting thing about Remote that separates them from other VA companies is the way they find virtual assistants for their clients.

They leave the matching process up to their own AI algorithm. Saying, “Our AI-powered matching technology ensures that job seekers are able to access the best-matched opportunities based on their preferences and qualifications.”

As a client looking for an assistant, you fill in all the details about yourself, your company, and what skills you’re looking for in an assistant. You are then offered assistants based on your requirements.

What’s not yet clear is whether this is just a buzz-wordy way to accomplish what other VA companies do by filtering their database based on skills and resume keywords.

Once you get your match, you can start working together, communicate through the Remote.com platform, and send payments through their secure escrow system.

Remote’s target customers are anyone finding themselves too busy working in their businesses with routine tasks that could and should be outsourced.


Remote say you’ll be able to find an assistant for any tasks that can be completed remotely. They also facilitate partly-remote and full-time assistants, so it’s possible to find someone willing to relocate.

Some of the tasks their assistants commonly handle include:

  • Administrative tasks
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Online research and data entry
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Content management
  • Development
  • and more

A nice feature on their website is that you can search their database by skills as a direct route way to find a candidate capable of handling your tasks.

Plans and Pricing

When hiring a full-time assistant, you can post a job for free as a basic listing, or upgrade for a premium listing and some additional perks.

The available plans are as follows:

  • Free Job Post – A basic 30-day listing, company profile, and basic AI-powered outreach.
  • Premium Job Post – $295 – You get a featured listing for 30 days, 10x the exposure, and advanced AI-powered outreach and recruiting tools.
  • Elite Placement – Custom Pricing – You can work with a dedicated “talent specialist” at Remote to find the perfect assistant, you’ll need to contact them directly for a quote.

Once you make your hire, there is a 10% charge of the project cost when you start working with an assistant.

Remote.com Alternatives

While Remote is unique in the way they match up clients with assistants automatically, there is no shortage of virtual assistant companies waiting to match you up with an assistant to meet your requirements.

For a much wider candidate pool, you might consider Upwork, one of the largest freelance marketplaces online. If you need tech-specific help for a larger project, TopTal or Gun.io might be worth a look.

For US-based companies that will find assistants for you, Boldly and Time Etc are two highly rated firms.

Your Turn

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4 Reviews

  1. Remote.com is a fraudulent SCAM !!! Beware of them!
    I paid $19 subscription by mistake. I cancel it right after. The support operator Vanessa Urdiales from Remote.com promised me full refund right after I close Paypal dispute. I’ve closed the dispute but the they did not refund & do not respond anymore.

  2. I had the same experience as Chromie C reported above: I decided to sign up to experiment with their site and they immediately began their unauthorized spamming of my contacts. I gave no such permission nor was I informed (warned) that it is remote.com’s policy is to spam all of my contacts right away and then follow that up with ‘one more’ email seven days later! This is grossly unacceptable. That I had to request that my respondant delete my account instead of having that option at my control is equally disturbing. She responded two days later that she had deleted my account but they still planned to send the follow-up email to all of my contacts, which makes me angry enough to write this review on every site I can find. I have already informed all of my contacts to ignore their spam, posted their logo on my FB page saying the same and asked my friends to also report how this company is in violation of best practices by a mile.

    • 11111
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    • 11111

    Please be aware of this company. It solicits you to import your linkedin contacts, and then spam all of them at least three times, saying that you invite them to join remote.com.

    It does not let you delete your account either. You have to contact their ‘support team’ to do so, which I did, and nobody responses. When I started to write them low-score reviews, they start to contact me saying my account will be deleted, and at this moment my account is still there.

    Please use your own judgment to decide whether a company like this is trustworthy.

  3. This outfit appears to ape LinkedIn in following the latter’s predatory practice of hijacking members’ email address books and sending out solicitations claiming to be “invitations” expressly recommended by the unsuspecting victims. That alone would disqualify this company for use by anyone whose profession depends on being perceived as an honest and ethical entity. Of course, if they were to offer to buy the user an election in a major western democracy for the right price, perhaps it would be worth a bit of roguery….

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