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Remote is a global HR solutions company that provides a range of solutions to help businesses of all sizes find and employ global talent.

Remote is headquartered in San Francisco, CA but the company is fully remote with their employees living and working all over the world Unlike any other company, Remote establishes subsidiaries in countries around the world so that companies can employ workers with full legal compliance in each of those countries. You can see the growing list of country availability here.

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About Remote.com

Remote empowers companies of all sizes to pay and manage full-time and contract workers around the world. Remote’s team takes care of international payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance in dozens of countries. No matter where your team lives and works, our best-in-class global employment solutions provide the best experience for your workers. Their ironclad intellectual property protections and industry-leading security guarantee give you peace of mind across the globe. Best of all, Remote never charges percentages or fees: one low flat rate helps you control your budget so you can focus on growing your business.

How Remote Works

Remote now offers self-enrollment. You can sign up directly on Remote.com. 

Once you submit your answers to the form, you will be prompted to sign an MSA. Someone from the Remote sales team will reach out to learn more about where you’re hiring and ensure that you get access to the proper SLAs for the countries you are hiring in. 

From there, you will be given a login for the Remote platform.

You can then onboard your employees onto the platform as you hire them. This enables Remote to handle all of your employee’s HR, payroll, and so on, wherever they are based in the world.

Remote Services

Remote can handle employing remote workers globally. Remote currently owns and operates legal entities in 36 countries and is on track to be in 80 countries by the end of 2021.

The most common services are:

  • Handling payroll and benefits
  • Legal compliance
  • Payments to third parties
  • Customized administration and management benefits
  • Visas and immigration (on a consultant basis)

If you need help with any aspect of hiring remote employees that you don’t see on their site, I recommend reaching out to Remote. There are a number of hurdles that can come up depending on the country you’re hiring from and your individual circumstances.

Remote Plans and Pricing

Remote currently has four pricing plans as follows:

  1. Global Employment – $299/employee/month (for UK, Ireland and Canada billed annually), $599/employee/month (for all other countries billed annually) $349/mo per employee – For this fee, Remote will handle the entire employment process from start to finish.
  2. Contractor management – Free – You can hire and pay global contractors using their platform for free.*
  3. Payroll and Benefits – Quote only – If you want Remote to manage your employee’s payroll and benefits you’ll have to contact them for a quote.
  4. Global PEO will be launching later this year (2021)


*You will have to pay for processing fees.

Discount option 1:14% OFF Annual Plans

Discount option 2: 25% OFF Remote for Startups

Discount option 3: 25% OFF Remote for Good

Discount option 4: Remote for Refugees – Up to 10 Employees Free

Remote is currently offering some incentives for startups. If you’re operating a startup you can get 50% off, plus 2 months free. Startups get 50% off of EOR costs on their first employee and 2 months free for all other employees for 12 months

Remote Alternatives

If finding and hiring remote staff is what you need help with, check out Virtual Staff Finder. This company specializes in finding workers in the Philippines with the skill sets you’re after.

For alternative companies that handle all of the administrative and ongoing employee tasks, I recommend checking out Safeguard Global. They are also based in the U.S. and offer a similar range of services.

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