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PureDome is introduced newly with the emergence of securing various online business platforms through a robust VPN solution. It aims to create a digital passage to enhance team connectivity, streamline data access control, and boost the network security of businesses. PureDome’s overall approach follows the principle of raising your business efficiency globally, helping multiple businesses and organizations to meet their cybersecurity goals in the best possible ways. 

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About PureDome

PureDome is a secure connectivity solution specifically designed to enhance network security for businesses. It simplifies access management, granting authorized team members exclusive access to company assets.

By integrating essential elements of user roles, such as secure remote access, data access control, and team management, into a unified cloud platform, PureDome simplifies network infrastructure management and centralizes operations for businesses.

Authorized users can securely access the corporate network from anywhere using secure remote access provided by PureDome. It also offers 24/7 support via live chat and ticket support, ensuring businesses have access to expert assistance whenever needed. 

How Can PureDome Help Virtual Assistant Services?

PureDome enables organizations to effortlessly onboard virtual assistants while maintaining compliance with regulations like HIPAA for the healthcare industry. 

This is accomplished through the following:

  • Administrators have the ability to assign a unique IP address to each virtual assistant, ensuring proper identification and control.
  • Robust encryption techniques help establish a secure VPN tunnel from the virtual assistant’s device to a private gateway. This guarantees that all data transmitted between the virtual assistant’s machine and the gateway is fully encrypted and protected.
  • Admins can monitor connection timestamps and logs to track and review the virtual assistant’s activities.

By implementing these measures, PureDome creates a seamless and secure environment for virtual assistants within organizations, prioritizing compliance and data protection. 

PureDome Features

PureDome is designed for industries like Healthcare, Finance, IT Services, Manufacturing, Retail & Consumer Services, Education, Law Firms, Advertising and Media, Small and Medium Businesses, and Travel. 

Its features include:

Secure Remote Access

PureDome ensures secure remote access to internal resources and cloud-based applications through client applications and gateways.

Network Segmentation

PureDome enables organizations to segment their network resources, creating isolated environments based on logical groupings.

Dedicated IPs for Individual Customers

PureDome provides dedicated IPs for each customer, ensuring personalized and exclusive network access. 

User & Device Management

The platform allows users to define access policies, enforce multi-factor authentication and manage user roles to boost security. 

Centralized Management & Analytics

With PureDome, administrators have a centralized management console where they can configure and monitor their network security settings.

What Are The Pricing Plans of PureDome?

The pricing model of PureDome lets customers flexibly create their plan with a lower minimum seat requirement compared to other providers. At the time of publishing, they have the below price plans:

  1. Free Trial: 30-Day Free Trial
  2. Team Members: $8.45 per license per month and requires a minimum of 5 licenses
  3. Dedicated IP: $7 per month
  4. Dedicated Gateways: $50 per month

Alternatives For PureDome

Searching on the Internet, you may come across multiple service providers. Take a look at our Tools/Resources page. Research the options carefully and choose the best one to suit your requirements.

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