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Pixels-VA is a well-established virtual assistant company that provides virtual support to companies, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone who requires additional help that can be performed virtually. The company was founded in 2014, and operates its primary location in Ghana, with sales offices in the UK and the US.

About Pixels-VA

pixels-va reviewEmployees work out of the modern Ghana office, making Pixels one of the few African outsourcing companies in an industry I’m sure will see a ton of growth in the next decade.

They aim to hire only the most qualified graduates who are fluent in English, and then train them by American and European team members in business processes, customs, and software programs.

The team of Pixels virtual assistants is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure all customers have access to the assistance they need, when they need it. Pixels-VA is proud to provide the highest quality virtual support available, while ensuring all services are rendered quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

In fact, this is a highly sought-after position, and the company receives more than 100 new applications every month!


PixelsVA services include general administrative work and data entry, customer support, article writing, and more. They also have specialized skilled workers on hand to tackle more demanding projects like web and graphic design, software development, IT support, accounting, and call center functions.

The IT services seems to be an area of focus and specialization.

Their primary customer base is made up of entrepreneurs and small business owners, professional firms and larger corporations, hospitals, churches, and universities. Like others, they appear to have gotten their start on Elance.

Plans and Pricing

Pixels-VA offers a variety of services, including:

  • Data Entry
  • General VA
  • Virtual Secretary
  • Article Writers
  • Administrative/ Managerial VA
  • Customer Support VA

Pixels has 1, 5, 20, 40, 80, and 160-hours per month packages starting at $15 per month. The top-end full-time VA plan is just $1120 per month, or roughly $7 an hour.

Pixels-VA Pricing

These rates are quite attractive on a global comparison, and perhaps even lower than what you might find with certain VA companies in India or the Philippines.

Each plan comes with a dedicated virtual assistant, supervisor support, and back-up assistance in case your VA is unavailable for any reason. One cool feature is that your unused hours rollover month-to-month.

If you’re looking to build up a large virtual team, the Pixels rates become even more attractive, dropping to $4.99 per hour for a full-time team of 5 or $3.99 per hour for a full-time team of 20.

There is no free trial available, but customers can pay for the VA service with a credit card. (Always nice to rack up those miles!)

Pixels-VA Alternatives

While the company is a unique entry geographically speaking, they are certainly not the only outsourcing option out there. Their closest competition may be in overseas firms like Uassist.ME, My Tasker, or 24/7 Virtual Assistant.

Unlike many alternatives, Pixels-VA does not hire staff members who are simply looking for extra work they can perform from the comfort of home. Pixels-VA employees are employed on a full-time basis and work only from their secure offices to ensure the strictest level of professionalism is maintained.

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    Pixels-VA is one of the best virtual assistant companies I have worked with. They did a good job on my website and offer regular web maintaince service and administrative services. They always do a good job

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