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PicMonkey is an online tool that allows users to edit photos, carry out some graphic design, create collages, and more. It’s not a virtual assistant service per se, but more like an easy-to-use online software that lets you do your own graphic design work.

Image editing and graphic design can be expensive costs to a small business, so PicMonkey enable users to create their own images with limited experience and technical knowledge required.

The company has been business since 2012, and their headquarters are in Seattle, WA.

About PicMonkey

The company was founded in April 2012 by two former Picnik engineers, Brian Terry, and Justin Huff. Picnik was a photo editing site and the company joined forces with Google in 2012. After learning that Google were planning to close Picnik in 2013, both Brian and Justin decided to leave and create PicMonkey.

With a goal of starting the company to be a “more efficient and feature-rich replacement” for Picnik, PicMonkey fast became one of the most popular online photo editing sites. The owners also had additional backing from some other former “Picnikers”, Jonathan Sposato (CEO), Lisa Conquergood, and Charlie Whiton.

PicMonkey’s headquarters is in Seattle, WA, and they have a regional office in New Zealand. 


They offer a range of photo editing options. You can easily make just about any change you want to an image, and with limited knowledge and experience with graphic design or photo editing software.

I know because I’ve been using PicMonkey for quite some time to create social media graphics for another one of my sites!

Some of their features include:

Image Editing – You can crop, color, rotate, sharpen, and resize images with just a few clicks.

Touch Up – There are a range of options to make changes to high-quality photos. From eye-brightening and teeth whitening, to removing wrinkles, you can make sure you’re looking your best for your professional photos.

Graphic Design – You can create graphics from scratch. PicMonkey has some templates to help you get started too.

Collage – You can make a collage of several images, resizing and moving them around to create the arrangement you want.

What I use the service most often is to quickly add text to an image with a wide variety of different fonts.

The control panel is user-friendly, it’s easy to navigate around the site, and there are a lot of instructions and hints to help out beginners. If you’re not experienced with any form of graphic design or photo editing software you should find using this service intuitive and easy to pick up.

Plans and Pricing

For the most part, PicMonkey is free to use. They do however offer two premium plans, a monthly and an annual plan priced as follows:

  • Royale Monthly – $7.99/month
  • Royale Annual – $3.99/month (save 50%)

When you purchase a plan you have access to a much wider range of tools to use while editing images. 

The Royale plan unlocks some premium fonts, and all the ads are also removed when you’re logged in.

There is a 7-day free trial on both Royale plans.

PicMonkey Alternatives

There are some alternatives to PicMonkey worth checking out. Canva is probably the closest competitor, offering user-friendly graphic design tools and image editing options, though I found the interface harder to understand than PicMonkey’s.  

Other options to consider include Piktochart to create your own infographics, and Pixlr offers similar services to PicMonkey.

If you’ve given PicMonkey a shot and still want to hire someone else to do your graphic design work, check out these options here.

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