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Personiv is a US-based business process outsourcing (BPO) company. Their headquarters is in Austin, TX, while their assistants are based in their offices in the Philippines and India–allowing them to offer competitive rates.

They specialize in creating custom solutions for their clients. Personiv find and hire virtual assistants with skills and experience specific to your needs to become part of your team.

About Personiv

Personiv ReviewPersoniv has been operating since 1985, making them one of the longer serving virtual assistant providers and virtual staffing companies in the space. The company is headed up in the US by CEO David Lesniak who has more than 20 years’ experience in leading and growing leading middle-market companies.

Their service is different from the typical virtual assistant business model. While they do have a large team of assistants working from their offices, when you discuss what you’re looking for in an assistant they will “headhunt” a team member and bring them in for you.

This means you’re getting a more personalized and custom service than hiring from a pool of general VAs. It’s going to be a service better suited to individuals looking for a longer-term staffing solution, however.

How Personiv Works

1. Needs Assessment

The process starts with what they call the “Discovery phase.” This is essentially a call between you and a member of their team to do a deep dive into the skillset and requirements of your ideal candidate(s).

2. Recruiting

A representative from Personiv will then draw up a plan to recruit, test, and hire the person(s) matching the skills and other details you outlined to them. If they identify some areas that require training, they will also meet that need if they feel like they have the right candidate.

3. Get to Work!

From there, you will be able to work with your assistant. They are based in one of their offices, and you will also have contact with a team leader overseeing your assistants to deal with any issues that may arise.


Personiv specialize in recruiting staff to meet specific staffing requirements. To give you an idea, here are some of the roles they commonly fill for clients:

  • Back Office Support – Accounting, data entry, general admin, and more.
  • Creative Services – Graphic designers, branding teams, and more.
  • Customer Care – Phone support, email and chat handling, and more.
  • Finance and Accounting – Staff qualified in managing all aspects of business finances.
  • Sales Solutions – Sales team members to drive more sales, follow up on leads, and so on.

With such a wide range of possible skills and individual client requirements, it’s best to contact a member of their team and talk through exactly what you’re looking for to find out if they can help.

Plans and Pricing

Personiv do not currently have any set pricing plans.

Every request is handled on a case-by-case basis taking into account your individual requirements and the costs involved in fulfilling your request.

Personiv Alternatives

Virtual Staff Finder operates on a similar business model, though aimed at smaller businesses.

For a flat fee of $495 they will find 3 suitable candidates for you to interview. Where their service differs from Personiv is that they part ways after doing the headhunting and finding a hire you’re happy with.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective short-term solution, I recommend checking out one of the many virtual assistant providers in the Philippines with trained staff ready to go at a competitive hourly rate.

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