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Pangara is a Swedish company specializing in connecting clients with freelancers, primarily developers, designers, and testers.

The company was founded in 2016. Their current pool of freelancers are based in Vietnam, and they are planning on expanding in the future.

About Pangara

Pangara ReviewThe company was founded by three Swedes; Christopher Beselin, David Svensson, and Fredrik Wesslen.

David and Fredrik both have backgrounds in the consulting industry, and Christopher was the co-founder of a large e-commerce business that was acquired by Alibaba for around $3 billion.

They started Pangara in 2016 with the goal of finding talented freelancers and connecting them with entrepreneurs and business owners at an affordable rate.

They do this by finding their talent in Vietnam. A country with a lower cost of living than the states, allowing them to leverage very competitive hourly rates.

All of the developers in their database go through a rigorous qualification process before being accepted. This means they are able to offer several candidates based on how well their skillsets line up with your requirements.

Once you start working with one of their freelancers you have the freedom to work directly with them, just as you would a member of your team. Should any issues arise, however, you can work them out through a member of Pangara’s support staff.

They say their target customers are businesses of any size and they have the manpower to scale up with you as your business grows.

How it Works

Pangara breaks down their process of finding you a freelancer into a 3-part process as follows:

  • Request – A member of their team will work with you to find out what your “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” are from your freelancer.
  • Matching – They will present you with a number of freelancers that meet the requirements you discussed with them. You can then make the decision by yourself or discuss the candidates with your contact.
  • Create – Once you’ve chosen a freelancer you can start communicating and working with them directly. Pangara handles all the administrative work, contracts, time reporting, and so on, so you can just focus on the tasks at hand.


Pangara specializes in finding highly skilled developers. To give you an idea of the types of skillsets they provide, they can supply freelancers to help in the following areas:

  • Front-end developers – HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Back-end developers – PHP, Python, etc.
  • Database developers – MySQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Designers – UX/UI and graphic designers.
  • Quality assurance – Testers and quality assurance developers.

Plans and Pricing

Pangara does not have any set plans or pricing. They say their hourly rate starts at $39 per hour, but are flexible and always build a custom plan depending on their client’s needs and the freelancers they find.

Any hires come with a 14-day no-risk guarantee, so you can have peace of mind that if you’re unhappy for any reason you can ask for a refund.

Pangara Alternatives

As far as Pangara alternatives go, the first that comes to mind is Toptal, a US-based company with a similar business model. The main difference being that their freelancers are based in the US, so their rates are a lot higher.

Another less expensive option is to try and find a developer on Upwork. You’ll have to do the legwork yourself, but for a one-off task, there is a good chance you’ll find a suitable candidate.

When asked, what if anything sets them apart from their competitors, Pangara said their rigorous qualification process and competitive rates.

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