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MyTimeIn is a next-generation remote productivity platform that helps business owners and managers increase the overall productivity of remote employees.

This software provides a suite of tools that enable you to track time, monitor what your virtual assistants/employees are working on, track attendance, see screenshots of their workflow, and much more.

The company and MyTimeIn’s support staff are based in California, U.S.

About MyTimeIn

The software powering MyTimeIn has been through various iterations over the past 10 years to get to the polished product that it is today.

When the team behind MyTimeIn started developing this software, they said they wanted to answer one simple question; “Are you here?”

By this, they mean, asking or checking if a remote worker is where they should be and are doing the work they should be.

Hiring a team of virtual assistants all over the globe comes with some huge benefits. The two biggest advantages are; being able to find someone with the exact skill sets you need, and saving the expense that comes with hiring someone in-house and/or leveraging lower hourly rates.

It also comes with some drawbacks though. The most obvious one is that you’re not able to see what they’re working on and ‘manage’ them closely.

MyTimeIn built its software platform to bridge this gap. It has a number of features that enable you to monitor exactly what your team members are doing.

This allows you to provide better training, identify tasks that are taking longer than expected, and ultimately check your virtual employees are doing exactly what they say they’re doing.

How MyTimeIn Works

If you want to see how MyTimeIn works, you can schedule a time to see a demo of the software.

To get started using the software, you need to first sign up for one of their pricing plans. Then you can download the software (both OSX and Windows are supported). You will also need to have your remote staff install the MyTimeIn app.

MyTimeIn then starts collecting all the data it needs from your remote staff member’s computers and provides you with all the data through a central dashboard.

You can choose which metrics and types of tracking are most applicable to you, and make adjustments based on the information you’re receiving.

MyTimeIn Services

The types of tracking MyTimeIn performs fall under three main categories:

  • Screenshot tracking
  • Website tracking
  • Process tracking

Through tracking these actions, you can build an accurate picture of what your employees are working on and how much they’re getting done.

You can even find out key bits of information. Such as the devices they’re using, their ISP, and what they’re looking at on their screens. All of this information helps you better understand exactly how productive they are.

MyTimeIn Plans and Pricing

MyTimeIn has a simple pricing structure. You can either pay for a month-to-month plan or commit to an annual plan at a discounted monthly rate.

Both options unlock all of the features, and are priced as follows:

  • Basic – $29.99/mo for a month-to-month plan.
  • Business – $12.00/mo for a month-to-month plan.

MyTimeIn also offers an Enterprise plan if you want to commit to a two-year agreement at an additional discount. They’re open to discussing a plan that will work for you if you reach out to them.

MyTimeIn Alternatives

There are other time tracking and remote productivity platforms on the market that provide a similar range of features as MyTimeIn. We recommend checking out DeskTime and WorkPuls for alternative softwares.

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