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Ministry Assistant Services is a virtual assistant company that provides cutting-edge solutions for churches, non-profits, and Christian business owners looking to outsource tasks.

The company is headquartered in South Carolina. Ministry Assistant Services’ virtual assistants work across many states in the US.

About Ministry Assistant Services

The company started operations in 2015 and is headed up by current CEO Daniel Pandolph.

Ministry Assistant Services operate like a typical virtual assistant company, with one major difference being they target ministries, churches, and faith-based organizations.

This was clear when I asked them who their target customers were. Ministry Assistant Services told me, “Faith, religious, and ministry-based organizations or individuals.”

I wouldn’t let that put you off if you’re not one of those entities. Ministry Assistant Services provides a wide range of VA services to suit most businesses.

It just means that if you are one of their target customers you can expect a level of expertise and experience within your industry that you won’t easily find elsewhere.

How Ministry Assistant Services Works

To get started working with Ministry Assistant Services you can book a free 10-20 minute consultation call.

This is your opportunity to explain what your business does, what you’re looking for in an assistant, and find out how Ministry Assistant Services can help.

Once you’re happy with what Ministry Assistant Services has to offer, you can choose from one of their pricing plans and get started.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager and can start sending tasks over right away.

You send your tasks to your project manager, and they’ll then pass on those tasks to the best-suited assistant.

This is different from the model most VA companies use where you’re assigned a dedicated VA. But it comes with the advantage of being able to use a larger pool of assistants.

Your project manager at Ministry Assistant Services will keep track of how much time is being spent on each task and will notify you when you’re running out of hours.

Ministry Assistant Services’ Services

Ministry Assistant Services assistants provide a wide range of services. Where their services are different from most VA companies is that they offer many ministry or church-specific services.

Some of their main service categories are as follows:

  • Email management
  • Communication updates
  • Calendar management
  • Writing services
  • Worship planning
  • Church software and database management
  • Biblical research and curriculum writing
  • Facebook and Google ads
  • Volunteer coordination

If you’re unsure whether or not Ministry Assistant Services have assistants experienced in the tasks you’re looking to outsource you should book a 15-minute consultation call.

Ministry Assistant Services Plans and Pricing

Ministry Assistant Services hourly rates range from $25-40/hr depending on the service.

Their complete list of pricing plans at the time of publishing was:

  1. Administrative services – $25/hr with a one-time $50 onboarding fee
  2. Advanced Graphic Design Services – $40/hr
  3. Facebook and/or Google Ads Services – $40/hr with a one-time $300 Facebook account set-up fee and/or a $500 Google set-up fee

If neither of these plans works for you, Ministry Assistant Services did tell me that, “pricing is based on the need of the client and can be changed to meet a client’s specific budget.”

So, it’s worth reaching out to them and explaining what kind of pricing/hours works for you.

Ministry Assistant Services Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative VA company, any of the top-rated US VA companies are worth considering.

ClearDesk, Time ETC and Boldly are all highly rated and will have VAs with the skills and experience to handle your tasks.

However, if you’re a ministry-based organization or church, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another VA company specializing in what you do.

Ministry Assistant Services told me, ”What sets Ministry Assistant Services apart is that we love the church, we are passionate about the local churches and ministry-based organizations thriving and doing what God has called them to do.”

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    Working with Ministry Assistant Services was a fabulous experience! Christina did a fabulous job managing our social media and represented our ministry as one of our team members. She freed me up to do what I needed to do and did her work with excellence, diligence, and responsiveness. Working with Ministry Assistant Services was definitely a 5-star experience!

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