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Magic (GetMagic.com) acts as an on-demand concierge agent that allows users to get any information and support they need 24/7 by SMS.

There are no monthly fees or subscriptions; you only pay when you use the service. You’ll get a response in seconds to minutes, and the artificial intelligence software even starts to learn about you over time to help with future requests.

With our phones always being close to hand, Magic is one of the quickest and most convenient personal assistant service options.

About Get Magic Now

The company started in February 2015 and the company CEO is Mike Chen. Their headquarters are located in San Francisco, California, and they have a team of highly-trained human assistants on-hand 24/7, 365 days a year.

Most of their workers are based in their San Francisco offices, however the company is expanding its operations and setting up offices in the Philippines.

Their target customers are busy individuals who need a personal assistant on occasion, but probably not enough for a dedicated VA. In that way, the service is similar to Fancy Hands, but without the monthly subscription fee and without a limit to the number of tasks you can assign.

With Magic, help is just a text message away.

Once you sign up with Get Magic you will receive a text message with instructions detailing what to do next.

When the service first launched, they had a wait list thousands of people deep. I was #17,310 – It’s no longer like that, but still as popular.

Magic (GetMagic) Services

If you’re wondering what services Magic can fulfill, they say, “Anything you want. As long as it’s not illegal. Seriously.”

You just simply text your request to the number provided, and one of their operators will respond asking for further information if needed. Then they will find the quickest and best solution to your request.

Some examples of the kind of requests they commonly answer are:

  • Schedule a meeting with my partner for 1pm tomorrow.
  • Rearrange my appointment with my personal trainer from Monday to Tuesday.
  • I’ve emailed my flight details for tomorrow please arrange transport and a hotel.
  • Deliver bacon and eggs for my breakfast tomorrow.

As you can see you can use the service to arrange personal chores from delivering breakfast, to arranging your calendar. As well as setting up meetings or making business inquiries.

How the Magic Text Message Assistant Works

Magic Plans and Pricing

It costs $35/hour to use Magic. You’re billed by the minute, and you only pay for minutes actively spent on your requests.

It’s hard to say how long a task will take, but be prepared for the first task to take up to an hour as they become familiar with you and your business.

There are two advantages to using Magic that may save you money over having your own full-time or part-time personal assistant.

Firstly, they are available 24/7, so you can take advantage of offers and services at the time you need them, even if they’re outside of regular business hours.

Secondly, because you only pay for the time the assistants are actively working on your requests you can spend as little or as much as you want.

Magic Alternatives

A few services have popped up in recent years promising a text message virtual assistant, but Magic seems to be the frontrunner. My early fave was GoButler, but they pivoted away from VA tasks and to focus solely on flight search.

Another entry was Operator, but similarly they’ve niched down as a personal shopping assistant service. Cloe looked promising as well, but hasn’t updated any of their social media since mid-2015 so I have to assume they’re out of business.

In addition to Fancy Hands (the task-based virtual assistant service mentioned above), you might consider OkayRelax. It’s not 24/7 or text-based, but you do get a dedicated assistant at an affordable price point.

Your Turn

Have you used Magic’s assistants to help with any tasks? If so, please leave a brief review below to help others with their decision.

16 Reviews

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    Charged $500 to do a simple task and ultimately couldn’t use the end product. Sent 5 emails over the course of a month with no reply. Stay away

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    Was contacted by them for contractor/VA work (greedy middleman rates/hours), I see it as a recurring theme/setup in other agencies; outsourcing to the Philippines but paying them dirt cheap…

    I always suggest to work directly with contractors who’s doing the actual work, then when you find your match stick with them for sustainable partnership/team up… It’s always a two-way street; take care of them and they will take care of you (win-win).

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    I’m reviewing as a true Concierge & Errand Company that Magic uses to accomplish tasks in an east coast city, they subcontact my company to be the feet on the ground.
    While the team members have a pleasant demeanor, they really complicate simple tasks and do not provide all of the information to complete a task. Overall very inefficient and they drag tasks along. If my company’s service was not detailed their client’s packages would have ended up in Amazon’s warehouse and not at their home office.

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    Here’s why Magic isn’t great. They import their talents in Asia- mostly Filipino workers. These Filipino virtual assistants are paid less than a nanny or babysitter at an average $1.50. 90% of their workers are freelancers- they have already taken out SF virtual assistants and in-house virtual assistants even in their Philippine base. It is also good to mention that in their training, they mentioned that stalling is a good thing since their customers (that’s us!) pay $35/text. More text means more money.
    Why get these guys when you can Amazon yourselves.
    Big joke.

  1. I signed up for the Magic service and am now in deep trouble.

    Here is what I wrote them afetr the scarey stuff started happening…


    I gave my credit card info when I signed up. I then asked for a simple research task to be done. it wasn’t one that did NOT require buying anything for me.

    I was told I would have to text a photo of my credit card (with the first few digits hidden). I was stupid enough to do that. Now I read that is how texts can easily be intercepted and that is how 2-factor authentication is breached.

    I am on everything from Airbnb, HomeAway, Guru.com (which puts 2 small charges on your cc statement and then has you verify the amounts to make sure you are real), Upwork.com, and dating sites and have never experienced a privacy invasion request like this.

    Today I asked your people for to look for a vacation rental on Airbnb for me and send me 2-3 links.

    Then I was told to send a photo of me holding my credit card. I am not comfortable with a company having not only my name, address, email, and a photo of my card, but I was in a rush and texted that photo anyway.

    Why would anyone looking for some Airbnb links for my vacation need so much personal info on me? Anyone could do this with no info.

    You now have the following personal info about me:
    – My name, address, email
    – My credit card info
    – A photo of my credit card sent via text!

    Other factors that point to a scam (or collection of personal data beyond what would ever be needed).
    – No task will be done without a photo of my face (and I have to hold the cc in front of me, so you can make sure it is me and not some photo from the Internet).
    – No live human is ever willing to talk to me.
    – No email communications with the person assigned to do tasks for me, everything has to go through text or your app.
    – No mention of this in your FAQ or on your website.
    – Constant assurance that is is just a “one-time” thing.
    – Constantly texting me.

    These are signs of obvious dubious motives or an outright scam. I read the news and am not going to be suckered in. Cambridge Analytica, and their CEO Alexander Nix, are being investigated by EU government authorities, and now the congression Dems are pushing for Justice and the FEC investigate also. Someone just needs to read the news see how companies will collect even less of your personal info and what they will do with it.

    I deeply regret I sent everything, but the face photo, and am going to take these steps.

    – Canceling my credit card
    – Getting the new card shipped out to me
    – Putting a very careful text alert on that card.
    – Loggin on to all the sites that I use that CC for (like guru.com, PayPal, Airbnb, Dropbox, Evernote, and others).
    – Watching my statement like a hawk, which every latter possible.
    – Warning my friends via email and social media about my experience.

    I feel so stupid. Now I will need to get a new card and report fraud to my cc company.

    This service was supposed to save me time, and now it will cost me hours with the cc company, entering that new cc info into all the services that I need and use that CC for (like PayPal, Airbnb, Dropbox, Evernote, and others), and other tasks to protect myself.

    I would understand your company being careful if you are lending me money, but for a simple research task (like send me 3 Airbnb listing links in the city where I will be vacationing) does not need so much personal info on me.

    All I can say is that I will now be doing the following (which will consume many many hours). The whole reason I signup up for a VA (virtual assistant) is to save time. I have a business to run.

    Do not try anything with my data. I have contacted my lawyer and will come after you.

    I read about your company on Lifehacker.com and will be the first to warn people there, and many another sites, to be VERY wary.

    1. Hi, Jim! Thanks for this comment. I’m looking into Get Magic for my business. Were you able to hire virtual assistant services?

  2. They are absolutely terrible. I REALLY wanted this to work as it’s a brilliant concept and something I could really use, BUT sadly it takes an obscene amount of time to do VERY simple tasks, and most of the time I end up having to do it myself anyhow. They’re really bad and I honestly can’t tell why. I’m asking for things that a really smart undergraduate student could do with their eyes closed. Every single time a manager had to weigh in and apologize (I tried six different requests), and while they are very good at apologizing, they are terrible at getting any job done. Utter incompetence I’m afraid.

  3. Absolutely love the concept, but billing confusing. When I submit a request, they often say they’ll update me in a half hour. This is fine, but they’re not actively working on my task for that entire time so i then lose track of how much time is actually being spent. Time spent and message time stamps never reconcile. Love the concept, but really wish for more transparency around actual time spent as this adds up very quickly.

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    They were awful. Spent all day on and off , many dollars and still do not have prescriptions. No one should ever use them ever

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    Terrible. had to go back and forth 6X to get something very simple done. Waste of time and money.

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    this service is garbage. they take forever to do anything and drag it out to suck more money from you. ultimately unable to deliver a pack of cigarettes that are sold everywhere. Total scam i say stay away.

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    Magic does a great job at getting the work completed. However, My beef with Magic is that they create more work than is necessary to complete a task. This adds up quickly and ends up translating into extra minutes (bill more).

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    • 33333
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    Unimpressed. Took them 3 hours to get a simple task of finding someone to work with done. At that point, the person who I got wasn’t at the quality level I hoped for.

    I also had no idea where the time went and their own internal communication of the time spent didn’t even match between the texts I got an the bill I got.

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    • 55555
    • 22222

    They’re great, just expensive. To make two google searches and order food cost me $30! Their quality is top notch – but just not sure it’s worth the $$. Might just keep them handy for really last min, high touch stuff.

    Still have a dedicated VA with other tasks on a reg basis for $35/ month.

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