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Lensa introduces itself as an orb for job seekers who are looking to take the right career path in their life. They help people to find the right job based on their choice and qualification. They do this by empowering a data-driven intelligence designed to bolster your needs, goals, and skills. They keep striving towards perfection so that people can proceed through the most appropriate track in their careers. They started their journey from San Fransisco, CA in 2016. By employing machine learning, Lensa was able to match talents and create the best opportunities. The objective for Lensa is to empower smarter career decisions. 

About Lensa

Lensa is a recruitment advertising & data services company headquartered near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their business operations and engineering center in Budapest, Hungary. Lensa is known for helping Staffing Firms, Employers, and Recruitment Ad Agencies who are eager to get connected with qualified, active, and interested job seekers through a range of products and services. Located in Philadelphia, their experts work round the clock on US-based time zones. The team at Lensa is led by the founder and CEO – Gergo Vari.

Through Lensa, job seekers can achieve the best opportunities in various levels and industries. Providing a customized job search experience bolstered with precious insights into the targeted job market. THey are specialized in:

How Lensa Works

Lensa works by providing a career advisory chatbot that works as a virtual assistant answering basic questions and providing user support. Apart from this, they also have a dedicated team of customer relationship experts for answering the next level of queries that a chatbot fails. 

Lensa Services

Lensa provides a range of services and features to support job seekers in their job search. 

  • Provide job search with comprehensive job listings that can be filtered on factors such as job title, location, industry, and company values (work-life balance, salary, and benefits)
  • Recommend jobs based on machine learning algorithms and AI
  • Provide insightful career advice from industry experts to help make better career decisions
  • Provide interview preparation tips & resources to give job seekers an edge in the hiring process
  • Provide job market insights such as job demand trends and forecasts 

Lensa Plans and Pricing

Lensa understands the priority of finding a proper job in life and getting well established. Therefore, their services are completely free to make it easier for every job seeker out there. 

Lensa Alternatives 

Lensa stands out from the competition by leveraging AI-driven job-matching opportunities.

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Lensa strives to match talent with positions that fit their skill, career aspiration, and personalities. They offer enhanced resume optimization by adopting a mobile-first approach to provide job market insights. Their team can offer employer insights and reviews, and aggregate a wide range of job listings to create a comprehensive and user-friendly job search experience for job seekers.

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