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Invisible Technologies (inv.tech) is a virtual assistant company that utilizes a mix of human and AI-powered bot technology to complete your tasks.

The company has been operating since 2015, and claim that “starting at $15 per hour, you can automate your entire life and business and save up to 41% of your time.” Pretty impressive mission statement, though I’m curious how exactly they calculated the 41% 🙂

About Invisible Technologies

Invisible Technology ReviewThe company was co-founded by CEO Francis Pedraza and CTO Keenahn Jung. They started Invisible Technologies as a solution-first business, focusing on solving customer pain by using AI to automate those daily time-consuming tasks that are keeping you from doing the types of tasks that only you can do.

They employ agents that work remotely all over the world, but the main purpose of their agents is to streamline your tasks into what they call their “Digital assembly line.”

This is Invisible’s globally distributed workforce combined with their advanced machine intelligence to help complete your tasks faster, with less human resource, and a lower cost to you.

Inv.Tech Workflows

They break down their workflows into three different “lines” as follows:

  • Process Line – This in their process to carry out those repeatable and repetitive tasks that do now require any creativity and stay the same. Such as answering emails, finding leads, and transcribing notes.
  • Specialist Line – This is their process to complete one-off tasks. Things like building a website, fixing website issues, creating job descriptions and so on.
  • Strategist Line – This process involves working directly with a member of their staff to solve a specific problem that can then be handed over to the Process Line to execute on going forward.

Invisible specialize in the kind of tasks that can be easily automated and handled mostly, if not entirely by their AI.

You’ll get the most return out of using their technology and not the human side of their business, so it’s a good idea to speak to a member of their team and see how well this fits with the kind of tasks you’re looking to outsource.

How Invisible Technologies Works

There is just a 3-step process from making contact with a personal bot that’ll be working with you to receiving notice that your tasks have been completed:

  1. You will be introduced to your bot via email, you can then communicate through texts and emails to send them the tasks you want to be completed.
  2. Your bot, and a member of their team will work together to find the most efficient way to complete your tasks on their digital assembly line.
  3. Your bot will send you updates and tell you when your work is complete.


Here are some of the core services their AI can help automate and turn around quickly and efficiently:

  • Calendar management
  • Lead sourcing
  • Onboarding team members
  • Inventory upkeep
  • Scraping and research
  • Formatting spreadsheets
  • Generating statistics and reports

Plans and Pricing

Invisible Technologies have different pricing plans to choose from:

  • Pay-As-You-Go$15 per hour, this gives you access to your own dedicated relationship manager, 30-minute weekly meetings, and access to the strategist line.
  • Subscription Plans$10-$12 per hour, you get the same perks as the pay-as-you-go, along with access to the specialist line. This plan is ideal if you need between 20-150 hours per month.
  • Bulk Packages$9-$12.50 per hour, this plan includes all the perks of the other plans and is the best value for heavy usage of 150+ hours per month.

Invisible Technology Pricing

There are no onboarding fees, you need to pay $40 upfront when you sign up for one of their plans then you’ll be charged prorated for the number of hours you’re using.

Invisible Technologies Alternatives

The introduction of AI combined with human resources is still a new concept. While it has some advantages, if you’re on a budget or would prefer to work with a human assistant, I recommend checking out some of the virtual assistant companies based in the Philippines.

Your Turn

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    AWFUL. The company cost us so much time and effort. They even gave us a free week to try and make up for their mistakes, but mistakes were continuously made. If you care about your work whatsoever, do NOT use this company. They made promises of what was possible, even though they had never done it before. They also overcharged us without telling us we were near the price limit, so that the “workflow wouldn’t be interrupted”. It was quickly resolved and refunded, but shows a lack of character regardless.

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    I had been trying to work for this company and the HR was so pathetic. They never responded in time and they would keep on asking me to fill their questionnaire again and again. No fixed HR person to hire. One of the HR person asked me to re-appear for the entrance test and then shoots another email after a couple of hours for an interview. I responded accordingly which they never responded to. After 15-20 days, I received an email from other HR person that I was not fit for the role. If I was unfit for the role, why do you ask me to re-appear for the test and then realized that I should be interviewed. Complete waste of time and resource.

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    Invisible work on a subscription basis. I subscribed to the $500 a month tier. The work was less than adequate but what is worse, when i cancelled my subscription they still kept taking money from my account. I have been trying to get my money back for a month and just getting the runaround. I have been lied to several times about the refund; I’m told it’s on its way but never arrives. With my wedding approaching it’s money I really need too. It has been a desperately frustrating time.

    For a company which prides itself on transparency, I have been left very disappointed, and my expectations were high. The CEOs articles are very inspiring but the company badly run, and the model needs changing.

    The subscription model is unsatisfactory. The ‘bot’ idea is cute but impractical. Just when I’m getting the worker trained they swap the him with someone else who has no idea what I want so I need to start a new relationship with a new freelancer. The relationship manager is supposed to do that but they also get swapped out apparently, and all this in the space of a month.

    I would suggest going it alone, doing the work of finding a decent freelancer yourself and forming a relationship with them, instead of seeing freelancers as ‘bots’.

    And, there are real bots/apps who can do a lot of the work automatically, faster, and at a fraction of the cost.

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