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UPDATE: It appears Hubberly is out of business. Please consider one of these alternatives or see below. If you own this listing or this information is incorrect, contact me here.

Hubberly is a virtual assistant company based in the UK with their focus being mainly on the UK market. They have virtual assistants based in Europe, the US, and India.

The company has been in business since 2012. Their target customers are busy individuals, entrepreneurs, and small to medium-sized businesses looking to outsource some of their workload.

About Hubberly

The company is run by Alexis Mathai and Dave Ng. Hubberly’s headquarters in the UK and they focus mainly on UK clientele.

However, having most of their virtual assistants in India allows them to offer much more competitive rates than the UK companies with UK-based assistants.

When you sign up with Hubberly you will have a consultation with a member of their management team. The goal of that chat is to establish your requirements, estimate how many assistant hours you need per month, and match you with the most suitable member of their team.

They then have a Client Success Team in place to help facilitate a smooth relationship with new clients or anyone working with a virtual assistant for the first-time.

You are then introduced to your assistant and can start communicating what tasks you need done. A member of their management team is also available as a point of contact if you have any issues.


Hubberly’s virtual assistants can perform any tasks that can be completed remotely.

You can either pay for a set number of hours per month and work with your assistant 1-on-1 on a variety of tasks, or pay an hourly rate for a specific skill such as logo design or e-commerce support.

Here are some of the common types of tasks Hubberly offers support for:

  • Data Entry
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Writing and Editing
  • Social Media Management
  • Logo and Graphic Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Development and Maintenance

Plans and Pricing

Hubberly currently has 4 different plans for their virtual assistants. These range from £8.00 per hour for their smallest plan of 20 hours a month, to £5.50 per hour for their full-time assistant plan.

hubberly pricing

They also have an extensive list of hourly rates and set prices covering all their other services, enabling you to pay a for the exact service you use if you don’t need to hire an assistant.

An overview of their prices are as follows:

Virtual Assistant Services:

  • 20 hours a month, £160 per month (about £8.00 per hour).
  • 40 hours a month, £280 per month (about £7.00 per hour).
  • 80 hours a month, £520 per month (about £6.50 per hour).
  • 160 hours a month, £880 per month (about £5.50 per hour).

E-Commerce Services:

  • Prices start at £4.99 per hour for product uploading.

Data Entry Services:

  • £5.99 per hour for data entry, data mining, and back office services.

Programming Services:

  • Hourly rates range from £12.99-29.99 per hour.

Graphic Design Services:

All of their plans come with a dedicated virtual assistant, a choice between a North American or Europe-based assistant, 1-hour complimentary launch meeting to get started, and there is always a backup assistant in place.

Hubberly Alternatives

Although Hubberly is a UK-based company and they focus on the UK market a lot of their assistants are based in India, which allows them to offer more competitive prices than other UK-based virtual assistant companies.

Therefore, I’d check out Indian-based virtual assistant companies like My Tasker and VA Talks for comparable services and prices. You’ll find they have experience working with businesses in the UK and will likely accommodate your time zone if you speak with them.

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