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How a Virtual Assistant can support your Video Editing

Hate editing videos?

Did you ever wish that you could program software to manage day-to-day tasks? With virtual assistants, this is no longer a fantasy. Virtual assistants extend far beyond simplifying everyday tasks. They are hugely beneficial for your business’ online marketing strategy. 

According to studies, a virtual assistant contributes to around 80% of video content traffic. But creating quality and consistent videos is time-consuming and needs a proper strategy. Part of the strategy might include hiring a virtual assistant to free up some time for business management activities. These assistants have the talents and tools to help you get things done quickly and with great success.

Below are some practical advantages of using virtual assistants to edit videos and transform your online marketing strategy.

1. Edit raw footage for color and quality

The video that you create need not look like it has been produced by a professional agency, but it does require some basic quality standards that every viewer might expect in the video. An experienced virtual assistant for video editing can easily help edit your previous footage to meet the viewers’ standards. This will no doubt result in massive time and cost savings.

2. Remove bloopers from the video 

If your video contains embarrassing bloopers or flubs, your business will look less professional. We’ve all come across videos with segments we wished we hadn’t seen. Having a virtual assistant for video editing will help you add seamless transitions and remove these bloopers. They will make the video look more professional, almost as if those events never took place in the video! 

3. Insert dialogue, narration, music

Although many people watch videos without any sound, music or a voice-over are essential. They give a video a new dimension and are beneficial for people who watch videos at a high volume.  A virtual assistant for video can easily add these elements into the video and ensure that the voice-over and music is aligned perfectly with the video content.

4. Adding subtitles

Typing up subtitles for a video takes a considerable amount of time. It is likely to take you five to ten times more time than the actual length of the video. For instance, a video of a span of five minutes might take around twenty-five to fifty minutes to add subtitles as you have to stop, start and re-watch the video. A virtual video assistant will help you add automatic subtitles or transcriptions and apply them accurately in the video. It will also allow seamless streaming on Facebook, Vimeo YouTube and other platforms. You can also use a virtual assistant on your online video editor to perform this task.

5. Adding sound effects

 One of the easiest ways to make your video more interesting is to add sound effects. Video editing tools come with in-built sound effects that you can use in your video to make it more exciting. This is another task that your virtual assistant can perform effortlessly. Also, a video without a track can seem pretty strange and weird. So, you can ask your virtual assistant to integrate desired and suitable effects into your video.

Your virtual assistant may add natural sound effects that will amplify the quality of your video. Videos without any sound effects will look incomplete and dull. No one wants to watch a boring video. A video editing virtual assistant can add sound effects to the video automatically and give it complete turnover. The result is a much more appealing video for viewers. 

6. Adding graphics, banners and titles

Many videos need graphics, banners and text overlays. A virtual assistant for a video editor can easily add these elements to highlight key points, identify people and clarify a clear message in the video. If you want to incorporate the most creative banners and titles, video editing tools have numerous in-built titles and graphics in-store to make your video truly stand out.

7. Integrating intro and outros to your video

Add a touch of professionalism with the integration of short introductory and outro clips to your video. You can also use your virtual assistant to add intro and outro to your video, which will enhance your video quality and give it a whole new look and feel. With the addition of intro and outro clips, you can be assured that your video will be industrial standard.

8. Determine the sequence of the video clips

It may sound very basic, but determining your video sequence is one of the most vital aspects. A large number of people consider it to be a general task, and unfortunately underestimate its importance. But, without the correct sequence of video clips, your final video loses its worth. When your video uses multiple video clips, you can get your virtual assistant to arrange them for you. All you need to do is give the proper instructions, and you will have the perfect sequence of clips in your final video.

9. Publishing 

Your virtual assistant is not just around to help you perform video editing tasks, it’s also there to get your video out to the masses. You can successfully use your virtual assistant to ensure that your videos reach the public, or you can share your work on any social media platform. Also, a virtual assistant will help you conduct a final review and edit the parts that require improvement. Your virtual assistant doesn’t stop just there. You can use it to determine the size of the video when publishing, the keywords that you integrate into it and finally, create attractive thumbnails.


Technological improvements have made our lives more comfortable than ever before. Video editing tools have been made simple with virtual assistants. We need not worry about forgetting tasks or undertaking a massive workload on our own. With the right virtual assistant, you can simply instruct them to perform the necessary functions, while you spend the time on something more important.

We now know how effortless it is to use your virtual assistant to edit videos impeccably. So, use your editing skills, along with a virtual assistant to create the perfect videos.

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