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HomeJobs is an online platform that connects clients with home-based freelancers in the Philippines.

The company started operations in mid-2018, and they say they already have almost 1 million workers in their database.

About HomeJobs.ph

homejobs reviewHomeJobs is a team of 25, and the company was funded by a venture capital firm in the US.

Their target customers are individuals or businesses looking to outsource some of their business tasks to a remote worker in the Philippines.

How HomeJobs.ph Works

Freelancers join for free. After going through a verification process, they can write a profile detailing their skills and experience.

Customers, or employers, can also join for free with their entry level plan. Or you can pay to upgrade and unlock more features and see more of the worker profiles in their database.

You can then post a job detailing what you want done, and freelancers can send you proposals selling themselves as the right person for the job.

HomeJobs do not take a cut of the transaction fees between customers and freelancers. That means the rate you agree with a worker is the full amount they will receive.

(HomeJobs makes money from the two monthly paid plans from employers; more on pricing below.)

The downside to finding freelancers through a platform like this is that you need to manage them yourself, and you don’t have the security of falling back on their manager or the company that hired them for you.

The upside is that you have a lot more workers to choose from, and are more likely to find someone with the exact skills you need.

The rates are very competitive too. I saw some workers advertising rates as low as $1 per hour. Not that I’d expect much for $1 per hour, but it’s a small price to pay to find out.

HomeJobs Intro Video


With almost a million freelancers in their database, it’s fair to say that you will find someone to do almost any task that can be completed remotely.

They have a long alphabetical list of skills to browse if you want to get an idea of the kinds of skills sets their freelancers have.

I saw everything from the typical social media marketing, SEO, and graphic design, to things like specific language coding and computer assembly specialists.

Posting Your Job

When I signed up for their Standard Job Post plan to make a free listing I was forced by a pop-up box to either share a link on my Facebook saying I use HomeJobs, or upgrade my account to a paid plan.

Kinda lame, but I get it.

I opted to share a link on Facebook and was then able to post a job.

From there, it was a quick process. All I had to do was select the skills I was looking for from a drop-down box, add a title and write a description of the work, choose the payment terms, currency, and set an hourly rate.

Note: When I tested it, the website was super buggy. Several links didn’t work at all, including the main call-to-action to “post a job” on the homepage. It seems like they’re still working out a lot of kinks.

Some parts of their website claim they have a million workers to choose from. Others say 500,000+. In either case, that’s an almost unbelievably high number to registered users to claim just months after launch.

Plans and Pricing

HomeJobs has three different pricing plans to choose from:

  1. Standard Job Post – Free – You can post one job at a time, but it takes 5-7 days to approve your job listing. You’ll only have access to a limited number of workers profiles to choose from too.
  2. Premium Job Listing – $24.99 per month – You can post one job at a time, but job listings are instantly approved and given a featured listing. You’re still given access to a limited number of workers profiles.
  3. Gold Package – $99 per month – You can post up to five jobs at a time, your listing is instantly posted, featured, e-mailed to workers, and you have access to their entire database freelancers.

If you’re willing to be patient you can go with the Standard Job Post plan and try their service for free. It’s unclear how they’re limiting which segments of their worker database to show your ad to.

HomeJobs Alternatives

Onlinejobs.ph is the nearest competitor, and offers a very similar job board type of service. They also offer a free plan if you want to try their platform before upgrading to a paid plan. In fact, the HomeJobs site and entire business model seems directly modeled after OnlineJobs.

If you’re not comfortable with choosing a freelancer yourself, you can go down the more traditional route of using a virtual assistant company with in-house staff.

TaskBullet and OkayRelax are two highly rated companies in the Philippines with a good deal of positive feedback and competitive rates starting at $6-8 per hour.

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