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Hired is a US-based company specializing connecting clients with engineers, designers, data scientist, and product managers.

Hired uses intelligent AI to match clients with talented candidates in their database. The results are delivered straight to your mailbox to browse in just a few hours.

About Hired

Hired was started by three successful entrepreneurs; Matt Mickiewicz, founder of 99Designs and Flippa, Douglas Feirstein, founder of LiveOps, and Allan Grant, founder of Curebit.

They have been in business since May, 2012, and received a Seed Round of $2.7 million in funding in January 2013 from a group of investors.

The company is based in San Francisco, California, and also have an office in London. They have more than 500 employees, with most working from their San Francisco offices.

Their target customers are companies looking to hire engineers, designers, data scientist, and product managers, as these are their specialist areas. These aren’t your typical “virtual assistant” roles, but could be important positions to fill on your growing team, and you can hire remotely on the platform.

How it Works

Hired say that more than 70,000 candidates complete a profile every month, with less than 5% being accepted.

The accepted candidates have their details mailed out to prospective employers, it’s then up to the employers to make contact if they want more information on the candidate.

Their main objective is to speed up the recruiting process. Hired say they decrease the time-to-fill by 38% over conventional hiring channels, with clients filling their positions in an average of 25 days for full-time employees, and 10 days for contractors.

Using their marketplace employers also decrease their cost-per-hire by 27%. You are given visibility over the salary ranges of competing companies so you can make an informed and compelling offer.


Hired operates a marketplace for employers to find skilled staff.

You can find full-time, part-time, or contractors and their AI sends you prospective candidates within hours of you making a request.

As a job seeker, you’re able to apply to be added to the Hired database using your LinkedIn profile.

Each week Hired approves the candidates they feel are most suitable, they are then coached by one of their Talent Advocates through the processes they have in place to be noticed by employers.

But here’s the kicker for solopreneurs and other boostrapped business owners: companies recruiting through the Hired marketplace must be either publicly traded or venture-funded.

Based on the skillsets of the candidates specified they are sent a list of the best fitting candidates.

Hired also also give transparency into offers from other companies so employers can make an informed offer, benefiting both the employer and the candidate.

Plans and Pricing

  • Employers using the Hired marketplace to recruit have the option to pay a one-time commission fee of 15% of their new hire’s annual salary, or they can pay a fixed monthly fee and hire as many candidates as they wish.
  • The rate of hiring temporary employees is 30%, and 15% for independent contractors.
  • For exact pricing you need to contact Hired directly.

Hired Alternatives

Upwork is the largest online marketplace for freelance talent, although you have to do all the vetting of candidates yourself and it’s more geared toward project work vs. ongoing employment like Hired.

There are various US-based virtual assistant companies that can offer full or part-time assistants on a long term basis.

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    As a Recruiter, they state you can search for candidates for free. When you try to do so, they insist you contact their sales team – not free. I detest bait and switch, so zero (if that was an option) stars for me.

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