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UPDATE: It appears Hire in the Philippines is out of business. Please consider one of these alternatives.

Hire in the Philippines is a young outsourcing company founded by entrepreneur Bobby Hicks.

The startup story is a somewhat common one. Hicks, a graphic design and video production professional, grew frustrated with the existing virtual assistant options. In his experience, VAs were flaky, irresponsible, and unproductive.

hire in the philippines reviewBut rather than give up on outsourcing altogether, Hicks thought there’s got to be a better way. So he packed up and moved from California to the Philippines in 2012 to start his own virtual assistant company, HireInThePhilippines.com.

Hire in the Philippines VAs speak English well and are experienced in common business process outsourcing tasks such as article writing, website management, SEO, customer service, and even programming and app development.

The main differentiator between Hire in the Philippines and some of the other VA companies is that their VAs are required to come in and work from the company office. Many other companies employ home-based workers, a practice Hicks believes kills productivity.

Hire in the Philippines Intro Video


When I spoke with via Skype, he explained how he was in the office every day personally overseeing the virtual assistants — something he wished someone had been doing for him when he was outsourcing. It was also interesting to hear about all the business challenges a foreigner must go through to set up shop in the Philippines.

My takeaway was if Hicks was willing to move halfway around the world to make sure his vision became reality, he’s already shown the “whatever it takes” attitude necessary to build a successful operation.

With HireInThePhilippines.com, you can hire full-time 40 hours a week or half-time 20 hours a week, but you’ll need to have a  discussion with the company first to determine your specific needs. This is so they can recruit the best talent and best fit for your job. Their specialty is in placing long-term virtual employees.

Because of this, the company doesn’t quote prices on their website as the rates can vary depending on skills and experience. Generally speaking (just to give a ballpark idea), a general VA might be in the $700-900 per month range, and more technically skilled VAs might be in the $1000-1200 per month range.

The rates will likely be higher than with a freelancer or with a VA found through a recruiting service like Virtual Staff Finder or Remote Staff Recruit, but the theory is it’s worth it to pay a bit of a premium for the extra productivity that comes from having on-site management and office infrastructure.

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