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Gigster is a US-based company that has built a network of more than 600 freelance engineers and app developers. One of their taglines is, “We build and manage distributed teams like no one else.”

If you have a large project that requires a team of skilled developers, Gigster are able to assemble and manage that team for you.

The company started operations in 2014. Their headquarters are located in California, and the developers using their platform work remotely all over the globe.

About Gigster

Gigster reviewThe company is headed up by co-founders Debo Olaosebikan and Roger Dickey.

Gigster is a form of online marketplace that connects app developers and software engineers with customers. However, there are some major differences between their business model and popular marketplaces like Upwork and Freelancer.com.

You don’t post a job to be picked up by freelancers or receive proposals. Instead, Gigster will build a team of developers — headed up by a project manager — based on your project requirements.

They have a deep pool of highly experienced and skilled developers from around the world. Their service is aimed more at businesses with large projects and sizable budgets. Some of their past clients include large banks and medical outfits.

How Gigster Works

Gigster doesn’t go into a lot of detail about their services and the processes involved when working with them.

If you’re interested in working with Gigster to develop an app or complete some other online projects, you’ll need to reach out and contact them for a custom quote based on your needs.

Once they know what you want, they’ll put together a team and handle everything from that point.


If you don’t have the software or app developing skills within your team, or know that your project is going to be a one-off, Gigster might be a cost-effective solution.

They have skilled freelancers on their books ready to take on projects. So, you can hand over the development of an app or some software, and tap into their pool of talent without the long-term commitment.

They say they’ve handled more than 5,000 jobs to date. Mostly revolving around developing custom platforms, apps, and solutions for their clients.

Plans and Pricing

Gigster do not have any set pricing plans or give away any details regarding how much their service costs. Still, keep in mind most of these types of projects will have budgets in the $20,000-$100,000+ range.

They price each job on a case-by-case basis depending on your individual task requirements.

Expect their pricing to be on the higher end of the scale though. On their recruitment page, they say they’re looking for highly skilled developers and pay a “Silicon Valley wage no matter where you live.”

They also assign a project manager to manage the team of developers working on a project, so this isn’t the place for one-off quick tasks.

Gigster Alternatives

Toptal is another platform that can connect you with highly-skilled and talented freelance developers and engineers. They’re a bit more transparent with their pricing and services, so it might be a good idea to hop over and take for a quote.

FreeeUp Upwork Fiverr OnlineJobs
Established 2015 1999 2010 2008
Location Worldwide, w/ concentration in USA and Philippines Worldwide Worldwide Philippines
Customer Rating
Size of Talent Pool Thousands 12 million 830,000 250,000
Hourly Rate $5-75+ $3-100+ $3-100+ $3-20+
Platform Fee 15% 5-20% 20% + processing fee $69 a month
Worker Tracking
Pre-Screened Freelancers
(w/ Fiverr Pro)
Best For Quick hires, e-commerce One-off projects Smaller jobs Affordable full-time help
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

If these kinds of platforms more than you’re really looking for, you could try a freelance platform like FreeeUp. Post your job and vet the candidates that come in. It’s certainly going to be less expensive, too, but obviously aimed at a different client base.

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