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UPDATE: EZY VA has pivoted their business model and no longer offer the services listed below. They are no longer accepting new clients. Please consider one of these alternatives.

Headquarted in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, Ezy VA is the brainchild of Monty G. Hooke, an entrepreneur & business mentor. Beginning in 2012, Ezy VA offers a unique chance for clients to combine their permanent virtual employees, along with the flexibility of paying for on demand services.

Apart from Australia, Ezy VA runs its operations across Manila and Pampanga in the Philippines. All employees working with Ezy VA are permanent staff, as the company doesn’t work with any freelancers. This renders quality control and lessens the pain of working with freelancers as observed in some of the other VA companies.

About EZY VA

ezy va reviewIn a world where technology rules the roost, EZY VA banks on their smart system to handle tasks from all over the world catering to a slew of customers, small and large. EZY VA is essentially a powerful offering working with industry trained professionals who are much more than just freelancers under one roof.

(Bonus points if you can spot the ironic typo in the slogan underneath their logo!)

Ezy VA Intro Video


How it Works

Ezy VA offers a couple of unique options for clients to choose from. You can either choose to “Build their Dream Team” or “Hire dedicated staff” depending on their business needs.

You can also approach Ezy VA business experts for free no-obligation strategy session to help you prioritize your needs and take action on what’s more beneficial to you.

Ezy VA has the plans arranged based on hours. After deciding on the plan, one is directed to the payments page, where one proceeds to setup his account.

This usually gets over in a day or two. Soon, you will receive a welcome mail with a couple of videos that shall help you gauge the process in a better manner. You can then begin assigning tasks to the  “Dream Team Leader,” who is also a part of the staff  team and helps you choose the right VA to accomplish your tasks.

Clients also receive ongoing support until the task gets completed.


The Ezy VA “Dream Team” services include Web Design & Website Management, Graphic Design & Video, and Technical Support in addition to more traditional virtual assistant admin tasks.

Their “Dedicated Staff” team handles services like Virtual Assistance, Marketing & Social Media, Customer Support, and Bookkeeping & Document Handling along with a slew of other Specialist Services.

Plans and Pricing

As described above, the company has two levels of service: Dream Team on Demand, and Dedicated Staff.

With the Dream Team on Demand, plans start at $10.60 per hour when you buy a 40-hour block of time. If you have regular, ongoing needs, you can improve your hourly rate slightly by committing to 20 or 40 hours a week of outsourced work.

Each Dream Team plan comes with an additional $90 set-up fee.

ezy va pricing

For Dedicated Staff, rates start at $85 per week for 10 hours of service, plus $270 in one-time set-up and recruitment fees. Unlike other VA companies in the Philippines, Ezy VA is also requiring a minimum 3-month contract from new clients.

ezy va dedicated staff pricing

For a full-time, 40 hour per week dedicated assistant, you’d be looking at a rate of $1232 every 4 weeks. Definitely on the high side for Filipino VA companies.

Ezy VA Alternatives

The combination of a team-based approach plus the option to go full-dedicated makes Ezy VA a compelling entry in the market. My Tasker in India runs a similar model, as does VA Staffer in the Philippines.

If you’re comfortable going the do-it-yourself route, you can save a lot of money on an hourly and monthly basis by hiring direct through a site like OnlineJobs.ph, though that process is certainly not without pitfalls of its own.

Have you ever worked with Ezy VA? If so, please feel free to share a brief review of your experience to help others embrace the service.

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    I have had several with Ezy VA for 3 years now. I have visited their offices in Philippines to do training with my staff & have had nothing but an exceptional experience. One thing to note is the high level of communication with support both in Australia & Philippines. I’ve had several changes in the business in that time & have had to change staff accordingly, Ezy VA have been amazing me in supporting my business growth.

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    Sadly my experience was a frustrating one and heralded much wasted time and very substandard results.
    I used Ezy Va to build my website and also to assist with basis marketing and formatting tasks for my business.
    The major points why I would absolutely not recommend this service are:

    – Communication, was a HUGE struggle and headache. I spent hours and hours explaining, re-explaining my directions. Dot points, subheadings, number references you name it, totally time consuming and heralded very little in way of progress and desired outcome.
    The team also needed constant pressing for tasks that had been given time frames. Unless I was chasing them constantly, they were quite happy to let deadlines slip, or were not conscientious enough to manage them.
    These were not hard tasks either may I add, formatting an already finished word doc to email..Making a simple logo with a provided font… etc

    – Quality, sadly the products the team were able to deliver were very substandard and showed a lack of finesse. Website had tonnes of bugs and simple spelling mistakes, I had to have it totally redone by another company and they couldn’t believe it was a professional job.
    The formatting I had them do and design work was absolutely sub parr, Simple fitting of menus to email format, framing and enhancing artwork already provided, website look and design, absolutely nowhere near professional standard, let alone satisfactory.
    The Director did finally get involved with my project after my long held patience and understanding were finally pushed to the brink. He admitted that many of the “team” were of varying standards and it was a real luck of the draw as to who you got working on your project.
    The team are all out of the Philippines and whilst I was happy to support professionals in a country that perhaps yielded less merits, their standard and level of skill was no where near where it should be, also the company seems to take a large portion of the money and the offshore team do all the work, without a ground officer overseeing the quality.

    I have also noted there are few places online you can find reviews of this company, myself as a small business owner felt compelled to save others the time and money associated with this company.
    Side note: Was also told that lots of clients had pulled out and were extremely unhappy with results by a team leader. Honesty appreciated
    My website has now been taken down.

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