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Don’t Panic Management is an American based virtual assistant company offering a wide range of services to help businesses get more done in less time. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in New York, USA.

About Don’t Panic Management

dont panic mgmt reviewThe company was founded by Jess Ostroff in 2011. They are a full-service virtual assistant agency providing virtual assistants to small business owners.

They are based in the US and have a four team members in New York, as well as staff in Connecticut and Chicago. There is a very personable and light-hearted approach which makes them stand out for the crowd.

Each team member at Don’t Panic Mgmt names their favorite karaoke song, cheese, drink, and even any super powers they have in their bios. It’s nice to see full bios with a picture of each virtual assistant, I think this gives the company a more approachable feel and is a welcome break from the generic copy you see on many VA company sites.

For example’s here’s Jess’ bio:

about dont panic mgmt

Using only US based virtual assistants there are no communication barriers or time zone differences that exist with some of the overseas companies. This is the main benefit of a US based company, and the rates are higher as a result.


Some of the more common jobs performed by Don’t Panic Management include: 

  • personal scheduling
  • travel booking
  • research
  • project management
  • blog post editing and formatting
  • and general office administration support.

I’m sure you will agree that these tasks can all be very time consuming, so handing these off to a dedicated expert who specializes in handling these tasks quickly makes smart business sense.

With a wide range of services offered, I asked if there were any areas of specialization that may be of particular interest to potential clients. Their response was, “accounting and bookkeeping, project management, and marketing.”

Plans and Pricing

Don’t Panic Management offer three different and creatively named packages.

dont panic mgmt pricing

Their basic package is called a “Mini Meltdown.” This package starts at 5 hours/week and ranges between $800 – $1,500/month. The services include personal scheduling, travel booking, research, project management, blog post editing and formatting, and general office administration support.

Their next package is called “Social Anxiety.” With this package you have access to up to 20 hours/week, with prices ranging between $1,000 – $3,000/month. Your virtual assistant offers all the services included in the Mini Meltdown package, along with ghost writing and blogging support, social media audit and recommendations, help with setting up social profiles, outreach, and WordPress maintenance.

The largest monthly package on offer is their “Panic Attack” package. With this package you receive up to 40 hours/week, and the prices range between $2,500 – $5,000/month. With this package your virtual assistant offers all of the services in the other two packages, along with digital marketing consulting, social media analysis, and full-time community management.

This is the full-time virtual employee option for companies with a lot of work to delegate.

And if you’re sold on their approach, they’ll also quote one-off special projects at a minimum of $250 per project.

Don’t Panic Management Alternatives

As you would expect, Don’t Panic Management’s pricing is more expensive than most of the overseas virtual assistant options. When comparing strictly to US based companies however they are very competitive.

Time Etc and Boldly are two competitors offering a similar services at similar rates. 

Your Turn

If you have worked with Don’t Panic Management I’m interested to hear your experiences, as are others looking to make a decision. Please leave a quick review below.

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