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UPDATE: It appears BPOVIA out of business. Please consider one of these alternatives.

Among the growing standouts in the outsourcing industry is BPOVIA. The company was established in 2007 and has seen rapid growth since then.  In addition to their growth, they have picked up several awards along the way.

They were chosen as the 2008 Red Herring Global 100 Best Companies and the Red Herring Asia 100 Best Companies.  In addition, they won the 2009 and 2010 Global Outsourcing 100 Award as determined by the IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals).

bpovia reviewCurrently BPOVIA serves over 10,000 customers globally. They support these customers from four offices: Chicago, IL in the United States, Sydney, Australia, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom and Nanging, China.

Their customer list represents both major corporations and self-employed entrepreneurs.  Among their most notable customers are Microsoft, Kraft, MTV, Accenture, Sherwood Outdoor, Matrix Partners (China) and the United Nations. Alex Vieux, the Publisher of Red Herring, is also a customer.

One of the reasons for their success is that they offer a diverse number of plans. For as little as $100, a client can purchase ten hours of service. The plans increase from this point and feature options such as forty hours for four hundred dollars a month.

BPOVIA offers a high end full time plan. For $1,199 per month a client receives eight hours per day for five days a week. This offers a customer a significant savings over hiring an employee, yet provides the customer with a diverse set of skills they would unlikely be able to find in one individual.

Like many of its competitors BPOVIA offers an introductory offer. They typically offer the first ten hours without charge; however, this promotion is not automatic and may not be available at some times. In addition, most of BPOVIA’s clients employ them on a month to month basis, making cancellation easy if it becomes required. The company also allows customers to easily switch between service levels and carry over unused hours of service to the next month.

While BPOVIA offers a diverse group of services, approximately one-third of its customers utilize their website design services. Among its other popular services are online marketing and SEO, WordPress and blogs, social media sites, business planning, financial services and data entry.  Because of their strong presence in China, many clients use BPOVIA as a stepping stone toward Chinese business development.  In addition, the company will also perform personal tasks for its customers.

BPOVIA offers its clients, large or small, the fiscal and operational benefits of outsourcing.  It brings a unique international approach to the growing area of virtual assistants.  This approach has been embraced by thousands of customers worldwide, demonstrating the growing need for such a service.

If you have any experience working with BPOVIA, positive or negative, please share it below.

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    Bpovia service is better than good. I opened a company in Shanghai and since they have an office in China so I chose them to assist with my project to do marketing for my company in China.

    They have done a good job actually. At first I signed up 10 hours plan and I found they are excellent so I upgraded to full time later. Now they assigned me a delicated VA and play as a virtual office for me. I saved a lot of time.

  1. I worked with Bpovia on a website designing project and their price are competitive. They are good at web designing and keep me updated all the way.

    I must say my $2,000 make me get what I really want. I used to work with a freelancer and he is suck and that is why I chose Bpovia for its good price and excellent skills.

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    OMG. BPOVIA did that to me as well!

    I love the design team and project management, but their leadership simply dishonest and unethical.

    My company gave several $1000s of business to BPOVIA. The staff did a great job! However, at the same time, they were charging our account $100 a month even though we were on a fixed project fee plan.

    I thought it was a simple accounting mistake, provided the PayPal records to them as proof, and expected to continue on with business.

    But they gave me the run-around for a few months, then when the matter passed the owner’s desk, he did nothing. No money was ever returned – even though the refund was under $1000.

    It’s too bad. There are some talented folks there that I would love to have continue on my projects. But the fact is that the leadership and business staff cannot be trusted. I’d pass on BPOVIA – sorry to say.

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    I used their web design service for more than 1 year now. They are great for my business. You need to have reasonable expectations for their service. Their English is pretty good and they are just great for the price.


    1. Hi Torsten,

      Exactly same pattern, firstly they are unable to provide services quickly due to various reasons and then the assistant goes on maternity leave (who knows). And Paypal can do nothing, not even closes the account for the owner Huang Peng. Normally for work being carried out in China, you need to issue chinese invoice, which is not the case, when working with paypal.

      Something smells.

  2. @Jerry
    Hi Jerry,

    I have a problem with this company as well. I am totally unsatisfied with their service!

    I have paid for 10 hours and now I want my money back, and to cancel the service, because their assistant has fulfilled my tasks in very low quality and not in time.

    For a long time there were no reaction to my emails. Then they have offered me another assistant, but I only want my money back. Now I can not reach anyone by the given phone numbers.

    Jerry, how did you solve this problem? Have you got your money back?
    Please share your experience.


  3. Bpovia double charged my bank account and continued to remove money from my bank account without my permission. Beware of Bpovia fraud! Bpovia services include: virtual assistants, web design and maintenance, chinese virtual assistant, graphic design service, data entry conversion, bpo assistant, virtual assistant web design, and other services. This company stole money from me.

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      Hi Jerry,

      BPOVIA has done exactly the same thing to me. First they made me believe that they downgraded my service hours, but they kept ultimately doublecharging. They refuse to return the money they have never even worked for.

      I have now a lawyer working on the case and if they don´t pay the money they stole, next steps are police investigation and court process.

      Also I wonder if they even pay taxes as they charged using Paypal account under the owner Huang Peng. Paypal is toothless in returning the money and apparently don´t even close a fraudulent service.

      BEWARE of fraud BPOVIA.

      Jerry & Ulrike and Others, you can be in touch with me about the case, maybe you have a chance of getting your money back.

  4. After subscribing 3 months’ 40 hourly plan from BPOVIA, I decide to upgrade to their full-time monthly plan. At first I didn’t hand too much work to BPOVIA, it is their fantastic performance and response that trigger my interest for this upgrade. Now I have more time to stay with my family, thanks BPOVIA. BTW, they support 80-hour monthly plan now 🙂

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