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Baltic Assist is a virtual assistant company based in Lithuania. They are a relatively new company, starting operations in the beginning of 2015.

They currently supply services to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, but are open to serving clients throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

About Baltic Assist

baltic assist reviewAll of the company’s virtual assistants are based in Vilnius, Lithuania, and they are currently the only virtual assistant company in their area. The company is run by Andzej Rynkevic, a former employee at Barclays Bank and their MSc of Innovation and Technology Management.

Baltic Assist provides virtual assistance for entrepreneurs, professionals, and SME’s. If you are in a position where it makes financial sense to start outsourcing tasks, or you are in need of support so you can spend more time on other areas of your business, one of their virtual assistants are waiting to help.

They also specialize in providing financial services using the Cloud Accounting Systems. At just over a year old they are a relative newcomer to the virtual assistant space, the company is steadily growing and expanding their reach to more countries across Europe.


Baltic Assist’s services are grouped into two different categories:

Virtual Assistance – Their VA’s can handle a wide range of day-to-day business tasks, such as administration, customer service, personal assistance, and more.

Full-Service Accounting – They have a team dedicated to handling business accounts. You can outsource your payroll, VAT returns, bookkeeping, payments, and more.

The first point of contact is to email Baltic Assist with an outline of the tasks you want to outsource. Their team will decide what kind of virtual assistance you need and discuss your workload to workout the best price.

When you have been assigned a virtual assistant you can chat with them on the phone or over skype to formally meet. From here on you communicate directly with your virtual assistant sending them all the information they need to complete the tasks and set deadlines.

Plans and Pricing

Baltic Assist has a handful of plans available. The first is for on-demand accounting help, which is billed out at €25 per hour.

On the virtual assistant side, you have a couple options. You can choose the pay-as-you-go model for €15 per hour, or you can sign up for a dedicated VA plan and enjoy some cost savings as well as some continuity in personnel.

baltic assist pricing

The 10 hour per week / 40 hour per month Premium plan costs €480, or €12 per hour. 

The full-time 160 hour per month Professional plan costs just €1600, or €10 per hour. Compared to rates for other European virtual assistants, these are quite affordable.

Baltic Assist Alternatives

For EU accounting expertise, Baltic Assist is an affordable and reputable provider. On the VA side of the equation, the rates are significantly lower than their more-established competitors such as Boldly or Time Etc.

Both of those companies are very highly rated for communication and quality of work.

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    I have been struggling to find the right Customer Support team.
    At first, I was doubting about Baltic assist and Lithuanian employees…. I proved wrong.
    They are amazing, my CS was never better and we are constantly increasing the team.
    Recently, I outsourced my bookkeeping.
    Good luck Baltic Assist!

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    • 55555

    Baltic Assist did the bookkeeping for my company very well. I should have outsourced the bookkeeping of my danish company long time ago.

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    • 55555

    Great virtual assistance company. My assistant has been doing a really good work for me. She is smart, fast and efficient.

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